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Disclaimer: This is the guide I created on the forum for the server I play, RoForever. It's a very well-written guide; I made it because I had sooo much trouble with this quest from the poor instructions of other guides, and I wanted to keep other people from making my mistakes. I just copied and pasted all my text and HTML from the other forum. It is 100% mine, and I may change it at any time. (OK, I stole ONE screenshot cause I didn't want to have to do the quest over again, and that place in the quest is only reachable while you're DOING the quest lol...  But really, I wrote this whole thing. The only screenshot that wasn't taken directly by me is the Dark Lord fight. I got that from EVERYTHING else is all me.

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first-ever Quest Guide!  This guide will teach you how to complete what is quite possibly the longest, toughest quest in the whole game of Ragnarok.  In this quest, you will need to gather TONS of items, tour the many cities of Rune-Midgard, encounter NPCs you probably didn't even know existed, and battle against powerful monsters.  It will take a long time to finish, especially since some of the NPCs are only available at specific times of the day.  So be patient, be optimistic, and be ready to delve into the darkest depths of the world...  When your task is completed, you will have access to the Geffenia Dungeon, where you can gather very nice items. (such as Cursed Water and Gold Rings!)  Are you excited yet?  I know I am!  Let's begin! =D

Alright, so I started this quest sometime in November and it took me over a month to finish it because it's so confusing...  However, when the proper steps are taken, it can be completed in a relatively short time, maybe a few days.  But before you begin the Sign Quest, you must first complete the Umbala Language Quest and Niffleheim Piano Keyboard Quest.  Don't worry, they aren't too difficult, the worst that can happen is the Lord of Death MVP will slow you down.  Let's start with the Umbala Quest.

The Umbala Language Quest

This one is really easy.  You'll need a handful of items before we begin:

  • 10 Oil Paper
  • 5 Slick Paper
  • 1 Feather of Birds
  • 1 Squid Ink
  • 1 Mr. Smile
For those of you who don't know how to get a smile mask, you can make one in Prontera.  You'll need a couple items, all of which a novice could gather with no problem:

  • 10 Jellopy
  • 10 Fluff
  • 10 Clover
Just take those items to the Smile Girl in the center of Prontera, and BAM!  You got a smile mask.

It's time to start the Umbala Quest!

  • Speak to the Utan Chief (um_in 39, 122) in the hut at the northwest corner of Umbala. (umbala 68, 251)  He will ask you to tour the town and visit the villagers to get to know them.  But you can just proceed to step two after you speak with him.
  • Equip your mask and speak to the Chief again.  He will ask you to retrieve some items (read above) before your lessons may begin.
  • Bring him the items and he will teach you the Umbalan Language!  Now you can understand the villagers.
The Niffleheim Piano Keyboard Quest

This quest is short but can be tricky due to the uneven terrain, and the monsters everywhere.  When you're finished you'll be able to enter the secret room with the witch who warps you to Umbala.

  • Make sure your HP is full (or close to full), then talk to Alreg (nifleheim 224, 243) at the north side of Niffleheim.  He will bite you and you will lose some HP. (one guide says you lose EXP, but I didn't)  You'll receive a piano key in exchange for your 'meat.'
  • Go left of Alreg into a nearby building (niflheim 188, 241) and speak to Crayu. (nif_in 104, 81)  He will sing a song to you, and you need to remember it exactly as it appears!  I think the easiest method is to hit Print Screen on your keyboard and then ALT TAB out of RO to find the picture.  Then you can quickly review the verses.  He will ask you to recite one of the verses.  Each verse is separated by a punctuation mark, such as a comma or period.  If you successfully recite the verse he asks for, you will receive another piano key.  Another guide I read says that he might not ask for a verse, in which case you either did this part of the quest and forgot about it, or you can just move onto the next steps and come back to Crayu to try again later.
  • You can obtain the next piano key from Kuzkahina. (nif_in 31, 19)  He is inside the bar where you spawn after jumping off the Umbala bridge, but you can also get there from Niffleheim. (niflheim 189, 209)
  • The next three piano keys are hidden among tombstones.  Two of them are actually on the same stone, so you'll need to click on it twice!  The first tombstone (niflheim 209, 104) is hard to see because a building is blocking it, you may need to adjust your camera counterclockwise.
  • The next tombstone (niflheim 172, 71) is slightly southwest of the first, and much more visible than the other.  Click on it as you did the last stone, and you will receive your 6th and final piano key.
  • Make your way to the Witch's Tower (niflheim 254, 191) by heading north, east, then south, in a large U-formation.  Proceed up the circular stone steps and into the tower.  Then move along the right wall until you reach a portal to the 2nd floor.  Up there, you will find a great organ, which is missing some keys.  Click on the organ, then place your piano keys inside.  It will tell you that you are still missing a piece.  Walk slightly to the left and you will get warped into a secret room.  This means you have finished the quest, and can return here whenever you wish.  Talk to the Witch Kirkena so she will warp you to Umbala, then you can continue with your business.
The Sign Quest

Now for the part you've all been waiting for!  This is where the questing gets really long, so I hope you got a lot of time.  The quest is divided into seven parts, sort of like several mini quests.  So, first things first; you'll need to collect all the necessary items:

Crumbs of Sobbing Starlight Items:

  • 100 Fluff
  • 50 Poison Spore
  • 30 Scorpion Tail
  • 20 Rotten Bandage
  • 15 Little Evil Horn
  • 10 Coral Reef (additional 365 below)
  • 10 Empty Test Tube
  • 2 Yggdrasil Leaf
  • 10 Green Herb
You'll need at least 20 points from the following items.  No item can be repeated.

  • Puppet - Doll Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
  • Poring Doll - Doll Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
  • Chonchon Doll - Doll Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
  • Red Frame - Gift Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
  • Chung Jah - Gift Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
  • China - Gift Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
  • Crystal Mirror - Trader (Morroc) - 2pt
  • Spore Doll - 2pt
  • Rocker Doll - 3pt
  • Yoyo Doll - 5pt
  • Raccoon Doll - 5pt
  • Osiris Doll - 12 pt
  • Baphomet Doll - 10pt
  • 30,000 Zeny

  • 10 Royal Jelly
  • 20 Honey
  • 30 Bear's Footskin
  • 1 Hinalle Leaflet
  • 1 Ment
  • 1 Empty Bottle
  • 10,000 Zeny
The Complete Sobbing Starlight Items:

  • 5 Mini Furnace
  • 2 Oridecon Hammer
  • 1 Golden Anvil or 1 Emperium Anvil (emp is recommended, but your anvil will not be returned!)
  • 1 Mr. Smile
  • 10 Worn Out Page
The Ancient Document

  • 4 Resin
  • 12 Stone Heart
  • 365 Coral Reef
Proving Yourself

  • a level 4 weapon which your character can equip
  • 60,000 Zeny
Part 1: The Crumbs of Sobbing Starlight[/u]

NOTE:  Some NPCs in this part of the quest are only available between the hours of 17:00-22:00 and 19:00-21:00.  It is probably best to start your quest at about noon.

  • There is an announcement posted across various towns of Rune-Midgard; it is an invitation from the Archeologist Metz.  Personally, I think it's best to go to Alberta because it's right by the warp agent. (alberta 34,240)  Read the sign to begin your quest!
  • Go to Prontera and enter the house in the northeast corner, a bit south of the church. (prontera 262, 276) Speak with Metz (prt_in 228, 43) and tell him you've read his signs about his quest.  He will say that he is "busy at the moment," so you just need to keep talking to him over and over.  When he is ready, he will send you to your first test, to Arian in Morroc.
  • Go to Morroc and enter the dome-house just south of the eastern town entrance.  (morocc 284, 173)  Inside you will find a rather rude rogue, Arian. (morocc_in 111, 155)  Tell him your name and he will begin the first test, to collect several items.  Among these items, you must bring them to him one type at a time, only when he has asked for it.  Otherwise, he will confiscate them all, and you will be required to collect them all over again!  But don't worry, he won't take anything besides what is required for his quest.  All other items should be safe.

    The sequence of items is:
    -100 Fluff
    -50 Poison Spore
    -30 Scorpion Tail
    -20 Rotten Bandage
    -15 Little Evil Horn
    -10 Coral Reef

Posted on: Jan 19, 2009, 12:44 pm
  • After you give all your items to Arian you can start the second part of the test.  Speak to Gaanan (morocc_in 114, 162) to begin the verbal test.  You must answer a series of questions.

    -Let's say that you found yourself on a deserted island. What is the very first thing that you should do?
    Explore the island
    -You happen to be stuck in a narrow place inside a collapsed building. What should you do first?
    Find a way out
    -You’re on a dungeon expedition with your friends but you got lost somehow.  What do you do first?
    Stay put
    -You’re with your friends inside a mansion with no exit. What do you do first when a murder happens inside a mansion?
    Wait for the case to get solved
    -You hear the end of the world is in one week.  So what do you do during this final week?
    What else? Save the world.
  • After you answer all the questions, speak with Arian again to view your results.  If you pass, you receive your first Crumb of Sobbing Starlight!  Your next destination is Payon.
  • Go to the Payon building just past the WoE flags, and a little to the west. (payon 130, 204) Walk through the hallways inside until you reach the end, and you should find a man named Daewoon sandwiched between two maids. (payon_in03 11, 30) Speak with him about the jewel you received from Arian and he will test you on your nobility with a few questions. (And ladies, don't be offended when he calls you a man.  It's just how the script was written.)

    -So.. do you have a lot of friends that you can constantly party with?
    Yes, I do
    -Now, what’s your opinion on purposely getting lots of monsters to follow you around. I believe this is called ‘Mob Training…’
    I hate people who do that
    -However..! This is no ordinary Emperium! It is a masterful sculpture of a gorgeous priestess! Answer me, adventurer! Would you still destroy it?!
    I can’t destroy such beauty
    -The enemy guild member begins to yell for help. Now, would you give your enemy the help that he needs?
    Yes, of course!

    If Daewoon is satisfied with your answers, then you will receive the next shard of the Sobbing Starlight! Your next destination is Aldebaran.  (you can only do this part of the quest between 17:00-22:00)
  • Head to Aldebaran and enter the building in the southeast corner of town. (aldebaran 224, 57) Inside you will find the alchemist, Sire Jore. (aldeba_in 155, 100) Speak with him and he will fail his experiment.  Tell him that Daewoon sent you, and he will ask you to bring some items to redo his experiment:

    -10 Empty Test Tube
    -2 Yggdrasil Leaf
    -10 Green Herb
  • After bringing him these items, he will ask you to help him find the famous father-daughter alchemists.  They have information on the Stone of Sage.
  • In the same room, speak to Jore's daughter, Piru Piru. (aldeba_in 156, 117) She has helpful information on the whereabouts of the lost alchemists...  Inside the Labyrinth Forest!  (Hidden Temple)
  • The easiest way to get to the Hidden Temple is the warp agent, which takes you to Prontera Field, (prt_fild01 136, 368) but you can also get there by walking north of Prontera WoE. The other way in is by walking south of Aldebaran. (mjolnir_12 44,21) Once inside the temple, you can either flywing/teleport to the top-center of the map (prt_maze01 88, 174) and walk left, or walk all the way there using the following directions...
    Directions from Prontera Field Entrance: Go up, down, left, right, down, up, left, up, up, and left.
    Directions from Mt. Mjolnir Entrance: Go down, down, left, right, down, up, left, up, up, and left.
  • Walk across the bridge and head left until you see a girl in a green dress. (prt_maze02 57, 151) Go near her and you should get warped farther left, in an area not marked on the map.  Other guides tell me the warp is random and that this could take a few tries. (I got there immediately) Another option is to flywing/teleport to the secret area.
  • In the secret area, walk north until you find Gordon and Pleur. (prt_maze02 15, 183) (personally, I think her name is a mistranslation of Fleur, (flower) lol) Speak with Gordon (if you say ROAR he will summon monsters) and ask about the Stone of Sage and Alchemy.  When you are finished with him, he teleports you out.
  • Go back to Sire Jore in Aldebaran and tell him what you learned.  He will ask you what you think the Philosopher's Stone is. Type in Red Gemstone.  He'll give you another piece of the sobbing starlight.  Your next shard lies with Lady Jesqurienne of Geffen!
  • Go to the PVP house of Geffen. (geffen 169, 171) In the northwest corner of the first room you will find Jesqurienne at a table with her boyfriend. (geffen_in 60, 74) Speak with her and say 'Oh gosh, it's Jesqirienne!' and then 'Stuck-up chick!' This will trigger a contest between the two of you.  When you are ready, speak with her boyfriend Aaron to begin the contest. There is no time limit, you simply have to earn more points than her. Alt Tab will help a lot here!!! To be safe, I recommend Alt Tab each time the question is viewed, so you don't accidentally select the wrong answer by hitting enter.  You will be randomly given these questions, so there is NO particular order in which they will appear.

    -Choose the monster that is a different size than the others.
    Giant Whisper / Marin / Cornutus / Kobold Archer

    -What is the Bunny Band’s DEF and its added ability?
    1:LUK + 2 / 1:LUK + 5 / 2: LUK + 2 / 2:LUK + 5

    -Choose the correct name of the ruler of the Rune-Midgard Kingdom.
    Tristan III / Tristram III / Tristar III / Trust III

    -Choose the monster which does not drop the ‘Yggdrasil Leaf’ item.
    Marduk / Baphomet Jr. / Angeling / Wanderer

    -What is the city closest to Turtle Island?
    Al De Baran / Alberta / Comodo / Izlude

    -Fifty-one multiplied by fifteen, divided by three, plus five is equal to…?
    250 / 255 / 260 / 265

    -Choose the Hunter’s Trap skill which does not inflict Property Damage.
    Claymore Trap / Freezing Trap / Shockwave Trap / Land Mine

    -Choose the monster on which the mage skill, ”Stone Curse”, is ineffective.
    Elder Willow / Evil Druid / Magnolia / Marc

    -Choose the item that cannot be equipped by Novice class characters.
    Funeral Hat / Shackles / Wooden Mail / Pantie

    -Which NPC is not relevant to the Blacksmith Job Quest?
    Baisulitst / Wickebine / Barcardi / Krongast

    -Choose the Property that is unrelated to the Mage’s Bolt type skills.
    Water / Earth / Fire / Wind

    -Choose the correct DEF for the Indian Filet item.
    0 / 1 / 2 / 3

    -Which item is not relevant to the creation of a counteragent?
    Karvodailnirol / Detrimindexta / Alcohol

    -Choose the level requirement for entering the PvP room.
    30 / 31 / 32 / 33

    -Three thousand one hundred two added to five hundred, plus four, divided by 6 equals…
    600 / 601 / 602

    -Choose the building that is the closest to the Item Upgrade Place in Yuno.
    Tavern / Monster Library / Tool Shop / Weapon Shop

    -What is the correct weight for 1 Empty Bottle?
    1 / 2 / 3

    -Choose the NPC that looks different than all others.
    Prontera Hollengrhen / Prontera Doll Merchant / Izlude Meat Merchant / Morroc Tool Dealer

    -Choose the material that is not related to the creation of a Condensed White Potion.
    Medicine Bowl / Witch Starsand / Empty Bottle / Empty Potion Bottle

    -Choose the monster that is a different type than the others.
    Penomena / Hatii / Pest / Explosion

    -Choose the Job class that cannot equip Silk Robe.
    Swordman / Merchant / Hunter / Mage

    -Four thousand five hundred sixty divided by four, divided by two, plus three is equal to…
    573 / 574 / 575 / 576

    -Which monster would receive the most damage from a Fire Property Dagger?
    Dagger Goblin / Mace Goblin / Morningstar Goblin / Hammer Goblin

    -Choose the skill related to the Priest’s B.S. Sacramenti from the ones displayed in the list.
    Lex Divina / Gloria / Recovery / Sanctuary

    -Choose the item that is necessary for a Blacksmith to create a Gladius.
    Sapphire / Zircon / Topaz / Cursed Ruby

    -Choose the prefix or suffix that is incorrectly matched with his Monster Card name.
    Hornet Card - Martyr / Requiem - Chaos / Wormtail - Clever / Golem - Immortal

    If you defeat Jesqurienne in her quiz, she will reward you with another Crumb of Sobbing Starlight.  The next NPC is only available between the hours of 19:00-21:00.

  • Go to Comodo and enter the casino on the southwest dock. (comodo 123, 98) On the 2nd floor you will find the Strange Man Dearles playing at one of the Craps Tables. (cmd_in02 88, 52) You need to give him 30,000 zeny as his 'test fee.' Then he will ask for some collectible items.  You need to accumulate at least 20 points total from these items, and none of them may be used twice.

    -Puppet - Doll Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
    -Poring Doll - Doll Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
    -Chonchon Doll - Doll Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
    -Red Frame - Gift Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
    -Chung Jah - Gift Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
    -China - Gift Merchant (Prontera) - 1pt
    -Crystal Mirror - Trader (Morroc) - 2pt
    -Spore Doll - 2pt
    -Rocker Doll - 3pt
    -Yoyo Doll - 5pt
    -Raccoon Doll - 5pt
    -Osiris Doll - 12pt
    -Baphomet Doll - 10pt

    If he is satisfied with what you bring him, you will be warped to the dance room for the next part of the test. This part is very difficult, and should take some practice; you can try as many times as you like. It is basically DDR as a Ragnarok character.  I recommend going into options to turn your music off and the sound effects up, because each correct step creates a piano tone.  Increase AGI buff and authoritative badges are very useful here.  So, what you need to do is start out in the center tile and walk to the side it tells you. You must make ALL of the steps listed each time before the next set appears, or you will have failed. (the game keeps going, so just keep walking anyway for the sake of practice) Again, you will know if you have made the correct move if you hear the piano note each time.  The best way to do it is only walk as far as is necessary to enter the square, so stay close to the center!  Taking sharp turns at the corners helps too. When you are ready to begin, click to enter the chat room titled "DANCE~DANCE~". Each time you finish, talk to the Examiner to see how you score. When you succeed, return to Dearles and he will give you another piece of the Sobbing Starlight! The next piece is in Alberta.

    Posted on: Jan 19, 2009, 12:45 pm
    • Go to Alberta and enter the manor on the north side of town. (alberta 93, 202) Make your way to the second floor and into the first room on the right side; inside you will find the merchant Bakerlan. (alberta_in 124, 101) Speak with him and he will tell you to attend an errand for his steward. So head back downstairs and speak with the Refined Steward Mahatra. (alberta_in 115, 178) He gives you a stone to deliver to someone in Yuno.
    • Go to Yuno and find the Knight Leibech in the southeast corner of the city. (yuno 329, 100) Speak with him and he will exchange your stone for a receipt.
    • Report back to Mahatra, and he will send you to his master Bakerlan again. Then once you talk to Bakerlan, go talk to Mahatra again. He says he has no more tasks for you, but he will refer you to the Maid Seylin. Find her on the 2nd floor (alberta_in 154, 172) and speak with her. She needs Vigorgra for her ill brother.
    • Go to the Alchemists' Guild in the southwest corner of Aldebaran. (aldebaran 67, 55) Take the staircase into the basement and enter the top-right room. Speak with Alchemist Melkaba (alde_alche 169, 161) about Vigorgra and he will assign you a list of ingredients to gather:

      -10 Royal Jelly
      -20 Honey
      -30 Bear’s Footskin
      -1 Hinalle Leaflet
      -1 Ment
      -1 Empty Bottle
      -10,000 Zeny

      Melkaba may fail in his attempt to create Vigorgra; if this happens you will need to gather the items once again and bring them to him for another try.

    • Upon receiving your Vigorgra, return to Seylin and she will ask you to send it to her brother in Prontera, along with a letter. Go to Prontera Castle in the northern side of Prontera and head down the hall in the first room; you will find her brother Maruin (prt_castle 108, 58) standing guard just on the right of the hall. Give him the Vigorgra and head back to Seyrin.
    • Speak with Seyrin again and she will thank you with 3 Panacea. Go downstairs and speak with Mahatra again; he'll refer you to his boss. Speak with Bakerlan again to receive your Crumb of Sobbing Starlight.
    • Return to Metz in Prontera and he will give you the seventh and final shard of the Sobbing Starlight.  Keep talking to him until he tells you about the Legendary Blacksmith Engel Howard. You must forge your shards into a single crystal, and only he can do it.
    Part 2: The Complete Sobbing Starlight[/u]

    • Go to Geffen and enter Engel Howard's House. (geffen 138, 101) Speak with the woman Brenda (geffen_in 159, 49) and tell her you are there to see her husband, Engel. Then go speak to their daughter, the cute girl Liana. (geffen_in 171, 44) Answer 'Apprentices?' and then 'He also misses you a lot'. She will give you a Doodled Message to deliver to her father.
    • Warp to the Coal Mine (Mjolnir Dead Pit) and make your way into the 2nd floor. Engel is hidden in a secret room in the northwest section; you'll need to walk through a crack in the wall that is not marked on the map. Once inside, speak with Engel (mjo_dun02 87, 295) and show him the letter, and your Crumbs of Sobbing Starlight. He will ask for 2 Mini Furnace, 2 Oridecon Hammer, and one good quality anvil. (You can buy all of these in the blacksmith shop at the southeast corner of Geffen... But the best anvil they sell is Golden Anvil, 300k each) Emperium Anvil increases your chance of success but Golden Anvil will work as well. However, he will NOT return the anvil. Give him the items and you will receive a letter to deliver to his wife while he works on the Sobbing Starlight.
    • Return to Engel's house in Geffen and give his wife the letter, then speak with Liana and she will give you 10 pieces of candy as thanks.
    • Return to Engel in the Coal Mine and you will find out whether he succeeded or failed. If he fails, you must bring him the items once more to try again. If he succeeds you will receive the Sobbing Starlight!
    • Take your Sobbing Starlight to Metz and he notices some ancient writing which he cannot interpret. You'll need some help from Dhota the Mage to decipher it.
    • Enter Geffen Tower in the center of Geffen and walk all the way to the top floor. Speak with the Annoyed Man Dhota (gef_tower 118, 37) and type in Sobbing Starlight. He'll tell you to go to Umbala.
    • Go to the north side of Umbala and speak with Native Laotan. (umbala 163, 255) Give him a Mr. Smile mask and he will tell you to go inside Umbala Dungeon, north of Umbala. (just cross the bridge, lol)
    • Go inside the tree house within Umbala Dungeon (um_dun01 129, 90) and speak to the Weird Man Cyon. (um_in 27, 22) Show him your Sobbing Starlight runes and he will ask for 10 Worn Out Pages. Bring them to him and you will receive a Record of Ancient Language.
    Part 3: The Ancient Document[/u]

    • Return to Metz and show him your records. He'll tell you to bring the records to Frank.
    • Bring a pair of glasses (you can buy one in the Alberta shop; bottom-center of town, inside the building with a windmill on top) to the Fastidious Old Man Frank in Alberta. (alberta 164, 83) After you give them to him he can interpret your Ancient Document. Keep talking to him until he finishes his translation. You will then receive the Translated Ancient Language.
    • Go one map west of Geffen and head to the telescope area. (gef_fild07 180, 241) Bring 4 Resin, 12 Stone Heart, and 365 Coral Reef to activate the secret portal. Step on the log and you will be warped into the Valkyrie's Temple! (my favorite place =D)
    • Walk straight and speak to the Valkyrie Sandra. (himinn 49, 86) She will assign you a special mission, and then warp you to Geffen.
    • Return to Metz and he will refer you to the City of the Dead, Niffleheim.
    • The way you speak to the next NPC will determine if you take the long version or the short version of Part IV and Part VI. Go to the southeast corner of Niffleheim and speak to the Pleasant-Featured Lady Serin. (niflheim 312, 70) Answer 'Sure, go ahead' and then 'Sure, let's do it'. She will then ask if you want to help the unfortunate souls of Niffleheim. If you answer 'Sure, why not?' you get the longer quest and will receive Serin's Gold Ring and some experience. If you answer 'Why should I help them?' then you will take the shorter quest with no experience or gold ring.
    Part 4A: Sure, why not?[/u]
    This is the longer version of Part 4.

    • After speaking to Serin, enter a building (niflheim 167, 161) to find the girl Alakina Ann. (nif_in 156, 92) Walk near (don't click) her and she will cry. Talk to her again (click) and ask about the curse.
    • Go near (don't click) the Cursed Spirit Ashe Bruce. (niflheim 351, 258) Choose 'Touch the third book', 'Klaatu', 'Verata', and finally 'Nictu'. (Nictu is a hidden fourth option) This should break his curse and you will receive the Witch's Spell Scroll. However, it may take a few tries. If you DON'T receive a scroll, you must repeat the steps of talking to Serin, walking near Ann and talking to her about the curse, and walking near the spirit to cast your countercurse. (the reason the spell doesn't always work is that the walk-over effect sometimes doesn't work right, so you just click him, try the spell anyway and then take the extra steps I just mentioned)
    • Walk near (don't click) Ann again and choose 'What can I do?' and then 'About the witch'.
    • Go to the Witch's Tower (niflheim 254, 191) and use the organ on the second floor to get warped into her secret room. Walk near the Witch Kirkena (if you click, you get warped to Umbala) and give her the scroll. Then choose 'There's a lost child here that I want to help' and you will receive a Crow's Wing. The only way out of the room is by clicking the Witch to warp to Umbala.
    • Go back to Niffleheim and walk near (don't click) Ann and give her the Crow's Wing.
    • Talk to Ann again and she will tell you that you lied to her, and the Crow's Wing doesn't work. =/ You might need to reenter the room in order to initiate this conversation.
    • Go back to the Witch and walk near her. (don't click) She tells you the reason her wing doesn't work is that Ann is already dead; she belongs in Niffleheim.
    • Go back to Serin and she will reward you with Serin's Gold Ring, even though you couldn't help Ann. It is an equippable item but you need it unequipped for later in the quest.
    • Go into a Niffleheim building (niflheim 188, 241) and speak to Crayu (nif_in 104, 81) and he will ask you about Serin. Say whatever you like. Then say 'How do I become one of the chosen?' and he will ask you to find Gen.
    • Speak with the Depressing Man Gen. (147, 241) He tells you he was one of the chosen, but failed. He'll then instruct you to return to the Witch for more information.
    Part 4B: Why should I help them?[/u]
    This is the shorter version of Part 4.

    • Speak with the Depressing Man Gen. (147, 241) He tells you he was one of the chosen, but failed. He'll then instruct you to speak to the Witch Kirkena for more information.
    • Go to the Witch's Tower (niflheim 254, 191) and use the organ on the second floor to get warped into her secret room. Walk near the Witch Kirkena (if you click, you get warped to Umbala) to initiate the conversation. She needs her Witch's Spell Book. The only way out of the room is by clicking the Witch to warp to Umbala.
    • Go near (don't click) the Cursed Spirit Ashe Bruce. (niflheim 351, 258) Choose 'Touch the third book', 'Klaatu', 'Verata', and finally 'Nictu'. (Nictu is a hidden fourth option) This should break his curse and you will receive the Witch's Spell Scroll. However, it may take a few tries. If you DON'T receive a scroll, you must repeat the steps of talking to Gen, walking near the Witch and hearing about her book, and walking near the spirit to cast your countercurse. (the reason the spell doesn't always work is that the walk-over effect sometimes doesn't work right, so you just click him, try the spell anyway and then take the extra steps I just mentioned)
    • Return to the Witch's Tower and click the right tombstone (nif_in 140, 176) beside the portrait on the second floor. You'll be warped into another secret room. Speak to the Witch and give her the spell book.

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    Part 5: Proving Yourself[/u]

    • Go near the Witch Kirkena and she will warn you about the many dangers of the sign quest. You must prove your worth by asking the Queen of the Dead for the Symbol of the Nine Realms, and then bring it to Kirkena. Go near her again and she will tell you that you can use the tombstone by the portrait to see her from now on.
    • Return to Serin and talk to her three times. The first time, choose 'About the Queen of the Dead'; the second time, 'What do you mean?'; and finally 'Then what should I do?'. She tells you that she desires the Symbol as well, and whoever bears it will achieve great power.
    • Return to the telescope near Geffen and speak with the Valkyrie. Unfortunately, she is unable to help you.
    • Go back to Niffleheim and speak with the Mad Man Laichin. You have to pay him 40,000 Zeny and then 20,000 Zeny to learn everything he knows. Take note of the locations he tells you, they will be randomly assigned. (print screen helps a lot here but you could also write them down on paper) You must go in the sequence that he tells you.
    • Bring a Level 4 weapon which your character can equip. (don't worry, you won't lose it) Head to Glast Heim Dungeon Level 2 and go around the map in the sequence that Laichin told you earlier. Once on a specified location, click the Mysterious Energy; sometimes you need to click multiple times. You will then break the seal and get one Piece of Spirit from the Mysterious Energy. Also take note that there may be some error in the description. For example, what should have been the Big 10 o'clock was described to me as Big 11 o'clock by the NPC. So if he tells you one that doesn't appear on here, it's most likely just the wrong number or something. I am PRETTY sure that all of the energies are on this list.
      The locations are:
      Big 10 o'clock (gl_dun02 43, 251)
      Small 11 o'clock (gl_dun02 123, 230)
      Big 1 o'clock (gl_dun02 263, 267)
      Very Small 11 o'clock (gl_dun02 118, 183)
      Big 4 o'clock (gl_dun02 273, 97)
      Small 6 o'clock (gl_dun02 138, 72)
      Big 7 o'clock (gl_dun02 19, 27)
      Big 5 o'clock (gl_dun02 268, 33)
    • Once the fourth, final seal is broken you will receive the Spiritual Whispers.
    • Go back to Niffleheim and talk to the Depressing Man Gen. He tells you his real name, Ganglati, and that he is actually the servant to the ruler of Niffleheim, Lady Hell. Speak to him again to meet his master.
    • NOTE: The guide I used to complete this quest says to NOT click the fountain within Lady Hell's Lair, lest your efforts go to waste. I think I've found the fountain but it doesn't do anything... But I thought I'd put that note in here anyway for safety's sake. I believe that this is the Cursed Water Fountain but its effect may have been removed since you can collect Cursed Water in Geffenia upon completing the Sign Quest. (Lady Hell tells you that you may use the fountain after you finish the quest, and I still can't use it)
    • Walk straight through the hall until you reach Lady Hell, AKA Queen of the Dead. She will take your Spiritual Whispers and exchange it for the Symbol of the Nine Realms.
    • Depending on which version of Part 4 you did, you must choose who to give the Symbol to. If you did the long quest, you may choose Kirkena or Serin; if you did the short quest, you may ONLY choose Serin. (because you need Serin's Gold Ring for Kirkena's Quest)
      A. Kirkena the Witch. Requires defeating 1 Dark Illusion, 2 Ancient Mummies, 2 Wraiths, and 5 Ghouls. You may bring up to four friends to help. (party of five players)
      B. Serin the Pleasant-Featured Lady. Requires defeating 1 Dark Illusion.
    Part 6A: Kirkena the Witch[/u]

    • Go to the Witch's Tower and click the right tombstone on the second floor to get warped into Kirkena's room. Give her the Symbol of the Nine Realms and Serin's Gold Ring. She's out to stop Serin from summoning the Dark Lord. She will give you a Tonic for Serin to drink, and some items for yourself: 1 Witch Potion and 5 Witch Medals. You will need 1 medal for each of your party members. DO NOT LET THEM LOSE THE MEDALS, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO RETURN THEM UPON FINISHING THIS PART OF THE QUEST.
    • Speak to Kirkena when you and your party are all ready. Kirkena will then warp you to Serin's location. Fight your way to the other side of the room and enter the portal; you'll find yourself in Serin's room. Your party mates must talk to Serin in order to reach you.
    • Talk to Serin and choose 'Stop Her'.
    • Serin will summon 1 Dark Illusion, 2 Ancient Mummies, 2 Wraiths and 5 Ghouls. (they have no items or EXP) IF YOU FAIL, YOU FAIL THE WHOLE QUEST.
    • Defeat the monsters and Serin will reappear. She will be so overwhelmed with your kindness to her that she is content with staying in Niffleheim. She will then warp you back into the Witch's room. If you want more experience, go back to Serin in Niffleheim and return the Gold Ring to her. Return to Metz and he will reward you with 500,000 Base EXP and 1 Old Purple Box.
    Part 6B: Serin the Pleasant-Featured Lady[/u]

    • Speak with Serin and give her the Symbol of the Nine Realms. Talk to her again when you are ready to come with her.
    • Once inside the room, Serin will tell you the reasons why she wanted the Symbol. Choose 'No, you have to be stopped'.
    • Serin will summon a Dark Illusion.
    • After you kill the Dark Illusion, Serin will reappear. She'll tell you she is happy to have met you and that she is content with living in Niffleheim. She will then send you back to the Witch's room.
    Part 7: The Sign[/u]

    • If you gave the Symbol to Kirkena, you'll need to retrieve your medals back from your party. Speak with the Witch and you will receive some EXP as a reward. She will then ask you to speak to Lady Hell once more.
    • Talk to Gen and he will warp you to Lady Hell's Lair.
    • Speak with Lady Hell.
    • Return to the telescope near Geffen and speak with the Valkyrie. She'll reward you with The Sign as proof that you are The Chosen One.
    • Go back to Metz and give him the sign to study it. It will take him 3-4 hours to study the sign. So if you give it to him at 12:00, you may retrieve it at 15:00-16:00. If you do not go back to him by then, you must wait until another day and return at that time of day. It is recorded by the hour, so even if you gave him the sign at 12:59 you can still retrieve it at 15:00.
    • Speak with Metz again after 3-4 hours and he will give you the sign, and tell you that it needs to be repaired.
    • Take the sign to Engel Howard in the Coal Mines so he can repair it. It will take him another 3-4 hours to repair the sign; the same rules of time apply to him as they did with Metz.
    • Finally, retrieve your sign from Engel in 3-4 hours and it will be perfectly repaired. Bring it back to Metz and you recieve 2,000,000 Base EXP!
    • Go back to Gen in Niffleheim and give your Sobbing Starlight to Lady Hell, NOT THE SIGN!!! Lady Hell will change the Sobbing Starlight into its true form: Lucifer's Lament, a transferable item. (but it must remain on your account) You can now access the Geffenia Dungeon anytime! Simply click the fountain in southern Geffen to open the portal. The portal stays open for a bit, for anybody to enter.

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    so yeah for this one:
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