Ragnarok Online Warlock PVP/WOE Guide

Started by Kolby, Aug 03, 2014, 03:01 AM

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Ragnarok Online WARLOCK PVP/WOE Guide

Assalamualaikum, good morning to everyone reading this. Before I start, I just want to say what a blessing it is to be in this server as I've learned a lot of skills and tactics in WOE and meet new 'friendly'(See what I did there?) people. I promised myself to at least give a hint or help people to become better at this game which I was bad in for several years. I admit myself I am not a pro, however this build should at least you get decent in WOE. If you ever find yourself winning all the time please don't be arrogant and be humble to other players.So let's get started:

You need:

Top: Purple Valkyrie Helm [High Wizard Card/Isilla Card/Kiel-D01 Card]
Mid(Depends on yourself, black mask increases your stats while Blue Gangster Scarf help you see through cloaked enemies w/o wasting slots on your headgear) :
Black Mask Of Ghost [Evil Snake Lord Card(prevent stone curse)/High Wizard Card/Maya Purple/Kiel D-01 Card]
Blue Gangster Scarf [ Evil Snake Lord Card/High Wizard Card/Maya Purple/Kiel D-01 Card]
Lower:Red Ice Wing[High Wizard Card/Maya Purple/Kiel D-01 Card]

Note:If you use two Kiels it's easier to spam SG then one but it leaves you vulnerable to cloaked enemies and stone curse. If you can't get High Wizard card then just go with 2 Kiel + Maya Purple(if you're using Black Mask)

Armor [You need to switch all three depending on what classes you are fighting and what type of elemental ball your casting towards an enemy.]

Fire Armor [Marc Card/]
Wind Armor [Tao Gunka](Highly Recommended as you will normally use lightning ball to cast tetra vortex on players. Jobs such as sura normally would have reflect shield or even other classes that are prone to use single-handed weapons which would reflect very high damage and leave you to be defeated on the spot)
Water Armor [Marc Card]

Not sure what card should put yet :P [Probably Centipede Larvae Card/Necromancer Card]
Staff of Destruction [1] (Depends on you really, if you want more MATK go with this but it'll leave you open to other Warlock's Tetra Vortex which is a pain. Or you can switch between this and Lich's Bone Wand)

Lich's Bone Wand [2]

Valkyrie Shield [Maya Card/Thara Frog/GTB against Taekwandos]

Nidhoggr's Shadow [Raydric Card/Noxious Card]

Valkyrie Shoes/Diablos Boots [Fallen Bishop Card]

Orlean's Glove 2x[Zerom Card]
Wisdom Jard 2x

Strat against other JOBS

Let's stress with this one, you CANNOT defeat him/her, well it's not entirely impossible but you really need to think quickly if you face this one. You either:
1.White Imprison + Soul Expansion

2.Tetra Vortex [Pray that they don't have magic rod on :X]

Rune Knight
RUN! Also difficult to beat unless they're the type that dragon breath you all the time just use unfrozen fire armor and be relieved. But if they are hundred spear type, you should cast safetywall and then hope(They have Millenium Shield and Refresher, it's kinda difficult for you to freeze them) that your storm gust may freeze them before you are pwned or wait for the Awesome suras on your party/guild!

Royal Guard
Also difficult to beat. It's impossible to beat this class with a decent built. However, you should stay distance away from this guy as your teammate may asura him near you and you would also be pwned that way. Best way is to SG him until he freezes and Tetra Vortex him using Water Ball or any other element that you see fit.(Make sure he doesn't have that annoying Millenium Shield on or all of your effort will be wasted)

Safety wall, freeze and tetra them.

Safety wall, spam SG and tetra.

Hard to beat class I don't what are they're Eqs because they won't normally freeze and if they harmonize you your casting time will be slower and render you useless in battle for 45 seconds which is a long time in pvp/woe standards.

Main Skill
I still am figuring out what's the best skill for this class so I guess it's in the proccess.

Storm Gust(obviously)
Damage very high to people with fire armor and can reveal hiding enemies and render millenium shield useless

Tetra Vortex

For fun

Recognized Spell

Amplify Power
2x damage

Frost Misty
Slow down enemy

Jack Frost

Freeze enemy but hard if they use maya card

NOTE:Several items won't be in your servers such as the headgears, just replace them with slotted ones that are available

Enjoy! Please credit to me if you're sharing it elsewhere  /no1

Edit by Triper: Copied the guide to the forum because, come on, the guide can be copied to the forum instead of linking it to another place...

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