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PvP basics
« on: Aug 29, 2008, 02:20 am »
The guide is for people entering, also there are some customized things this guide has because of the server I'm posting it on [Skoll RO] -points at my siggie-

PvP System
PvP is a way for players to fight each other online, weather it's Player(s) vs Player(s) or Party(ies) vs Party(ies) PvP is a way to show who is stronger, and how knowledgable they are with equipments.

This class is based on str, agi, dex, and vit. There are 2 types of Swordsmen:
Type A: Knights and Lord Knights [LK]
Type B: Crusaders and Paladin [Sader/Pally]
Type A, are classes who require str, agi and dex mostly and are one of the best fighting classes.

Type B, are classes who require Str, agi, vit and dex, these classes are very useful to reflect, and deal great damage in a short time [Sacerfice] even though their attacks are easy to block, paladins work best as defending classes

These classes depend on mostly Dex, agi and Luk. The following classes are part of the range category:
Tape A: Gyspy/Dancer and Bard/Clown
Type B: Hunter/Sniper
Type A all use songs to help buff those within their "Area of Effect" song, they also have a skill call Tarot Card of Fate, this casts 1 out of the many effects this skills sets on the opponent. And in some cases it takes them down to 1 HP and 0 SP. They also need the skills Throw Arrow or Arrow Valcun to finish the job.

Type B on the other hand, uses auto casts [Skills that are automaticlly used without the user using his or her hotkeys] hunters have a very easy time in getting over 3,200 hit without any phreeoni cards [+100 hit cards] which makes this class one of the ebst for hitting high flee users

There is only one type of support class
Priest and High Priest
This class is based on Int, dex, agi, and Luk and sometimes if the user is insanely smart, they would use str too because they use it to do more damage with a physical skills with one of the customs. This class is mainly used to heal, buff and annoy people lol.

The main assualting classes are:
Type A: Assassin/Assassin Cross [sin/sinx]
Type B: Monk/Champion [Champ]
Type C: Rogue/Stalker
Type D: Star Gladiater
Type A, this class is based on str, agi, dex, int, luk, and vit, yes that is all of the stats, there are 2 types of Sin's here
(i)Sonic Blow-which uses sonic blow to deal a certian ammount of damage 8 times, this style is based on alittle Luk+vit+int, agi, dex, str. Even though most sonic sin's are like this, peopel add alot of Vit but aren't afraid of Thanatos[Card that deals more damage depending on the defence of the opponent] because they use double Grimtoothes [2 grimtoothes makes your defence go to 1]
(ii)Bash- This is a sin that uses bash whihc is given from a custom. These sin's require Str, dex, vit, int and luk, with these they bash sin can achieve the max visable damage 999,999 but will do more than that.

Type B, is a class that can use range and physical, they do alot of damage towards others with Palm Push Strike and other attacks, they can do an attack called Asura Strike though most of thier attacks are strong many of them can be contered. This class depends on str, dex, int, agi, luk, alittle vit.

Type C, this class
is based on all stats. It depends on what skills you choose for your's to use, it can raneg from magic to physical, and you are given 2 skills to choose from, so choose wisely. They are the only class that can strip peoples weapons, shields, armours, and upper headgear, but for a short while the headgear would be off [5 seconds]

Type D: this class depends on dex, str, agi, and luk, and 1 skill, all they need to do is cast Hatred on the 3 classes they hate and spam Meteor Assualt or Bash on the selected classes and they'd own, but you can only cast hatred on 3 classes, once you have used all 3 you can't change it

Buff and Destory
These classes are just fun
Type A: Super Novice [SN]
Type B: Soul Linkers [SL]
Tyep C: Creator/ Alchemist
Type A are classes that can buff and heal people, but are also one of the deadliest because they have all of the 1-2 and 1-1 skills. They can also reach 20,000,000 [20 Mil] HP without being badly hurt by thantoas card

Type B can give you skills that resurect yourself when you die so you get a second chance but they can also blast a stream of skills at you all at one and own you

Type C are classes that are immune to strip because of Full Cheamical Protect, they also have a chance to detroy you while they spam heal on themselves when they are attacking, because of thier little friends called the homunclus, expecially if they have a personal AI [This is a marco like file that is allowed in RO, THIS IS THE ONLY MARCO ALLOWED IN THE GAME]

The Remaining
The remaining classes, only seen like 2 actual good ones
Type A: Sage/Proffessor [Prof]
Type B: Gunslinger [GS]
Type C: Ninja
TYpe A is used for full on magic and physical attacks, they don't need any hit because they have spider web which cuts their opponents flee in half

Type B is another class that can strip, but only weapons and for 5 seconds also, they can spam at an insane rate and can do close and far range attacks

Type C is a class which depends on str, int, and dex and they use magic based attacks both far range and short range magic, they also use throw kunai wihich deals great damage on high vit users

There are two main components of fighting
Type A Attacking
Type B Defending
Type A is just full on rushing, but this also takes skills such as realising what your opponents are using just by look at their equipment and at their damage towards you. Most people use a convertor to increase thier damage, If you can change your gears fast enough to thier element, you have a high chance of either blocking all their attacks or healing from it. While attack you need 2 things, a hydra/turle general [TG]/ Incatation Samurai weapon to do damage on those with little vit deffence [explain this more later on] and a thanatos[Thana] weapon to deal people with great vit defence

Type B is a run and attack type of combat, where you stay alive longer and attack with patience.

Vit Defence
This is very important, good vit defence would be
Bad vit defence would be

to get the firt set of numbers before the + sign, is on how much you updrade your armour, the second set of numbers are set by how much vit you have, so image you had 200+102 you would have 302 vit defence and a Thanatos card would rape you hard.

Armours & Uses

Usually used for gaining attack with some cards but also for using resist cards

Usually used for more HP, resist, and elemental armour

Usually equiped to do more damage on opponent

Usually used for flee, element resist and range resist

Usually used as resist and range/magic immunity

Usually used for more HP, protective spells, flee and more damage

Usually used to block range, or to increase hit

Remember they all need to be carded for the uses to work, and switching equipements are very usefull, so learn how to change between equips. Also a smart thing to do is to use convertors...