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MDEF Guide
« on: Apr 01, 2009, 05:42 am »
Briefing&Summary: This guide explains how to stack and increase MDEF (Magic Defense), this is how the game mechanic works w/ mdef:
X equals equipment magic defense, Y equals INT magic defense
X will reduce recieved magic damage by a percent (Having 25 EquipMDEF will reduce all kinds of magic damage by 25%, take note that the max EquipMDEF is 99, so no full GTBless immunity)
Y will reduce recieved magic damage by a fixed amount (Having 50 INTMDEF will reduce magic damage recieved by 50)
This is how it works: Initial Damage will be reduced by the EquipMDEF, then the reduced magic damage will be reduced by the INTMDEF
EX: With no magic defense, a magic damage will hit you for 10000, if you have 25 EquipMDEF and 60INTMDEF it will be reduced from 10000 to 7500 with EquipMDEF, addding the 60INTMDEF it will further reduce it to 7440, of course, it doesn't sound much but by stacking lots of EquipMDEF this will count for a lot

Equipment: These are some of the stuff you will need to reduce magic attack recieved, i will give alternatives because of job class requirement or slot and non-slotted, or, sometimes an officialRO cash item will be better but some servers make you quest for it, the insert wing here option of some is actually incase your server has an item of that type

Top Headgear:
Alternative 1: Dropping Cat (+15 MDEF)
Alternative 2: Refined Dropping Cat (+18 MDEF) Few server decide to implement this...
Alternative 3: Insert [4] Wing Here W/ 4 Gibbets- The wing must be either +0~+4, +5 and up will NOT work, 3 gibbets will only give as much MDEF as a Dropping Cat(+20 MDEF)

Middle Headgear:
Alternative 1: Sunglasses[1] w/ Gibbet (+5 MDEF)
Alternative 2: Insert any slotted wing here stuffed with Gibbets (+5*Slot Number MDEF)

Bottom Headgear:
Alternative 1: Insert any slotted wing/custom item here stuffed with gibbets (+5*Slot Number MDEF)

Alternative 1: Angelic Protection[1] w/ Goat Card (+25 MDEF)[Novice and Super Novice only]
Alternative 2: Wedding Dress (+15 MDEF) (Note, some servers wedding cloth won't allow attacking w/ it)
Alternative 3: Silk Robe[1] w/ Goat Card (+15 MDEF)[Swordman, Acolyte, Mage and Merchant Branch only]
Alternative 4: Gilttering Jacket[1] w/ Goat Card (+10 MDEF)[Any Class can use it]
Notes on armor: Anything w/ Goat must not be upgraded to +5 and over to work, Wedding dress is usable for any class, Goat only gives +5 MDEF and about +3 DEF you can choose to add another card if you want.
Detardeuros&Tao Gunka Notes: Detardeuros will decrease your EquipMDEF by 20 and Tao Gunka will decrease your EquipMDEF by 50 when weared.

Alternative 1: High Fashion Sandals w/ Megalith (+17 MDEF) [Mage and Acolyte Branch only]
Alternative 2: Sleipnir (+10 MDEF)
Alternative 3: Crystal Pumps (+10 MDEF)
Notes on Footgear: Megalith is another of those cards that gives MDEF and DEF but only if it is upgraded to +0~+4.

Alternative 1: Ragamuffin Manteau (+10 MDEF)
Alternative 2: Naght Sieger's Manteau w/ Kapha Card (+10 MDEF)
Alternative 3: Skin of Ventoss w/ Kapha Card (+10 MDEF)
Alternative 4: Aesprika (+5 MDEF)
Notes on Garmet: Naght Sieger's Manteau, Skin of Ventoss and Aesprika were added on the 12.1 update, your server might not have those yet, so you may have to use the crappy Ragamuffin manteau with almost no bonus nothing added, btw, Kapha is like Goat and Megalith, do not overupgrade it, Aesprika gives half of what the most give, but it is actually a pretty decent garmet, due to being a god-item of course...

Shields[PLEASE, do not post about Ahura Mazda!]:
Alternative 1: Valkyrja's Shield w/ Seeker Card (+15 MDEF)[And the ability to use Stone Curse]
Alternative 2: Valkyrja's Shield w/ Sting Card* (+10 MDEF)
Notes on Shields: Like i said above, do NOT mention Ahura Mazda, with it you can reach 99 MDEF on one piece of equipment, besides, it is GM Only, if it is implemented on your server, it may have nerfs, if it doesn't have nerfs, who the hell is balancing your server?
*Sting Card: We all heard "DO NOT OVERUPGRADE IT" now and then, but guess why sting card stands out? Because it only works if your item is +9 or +10! Good luck trying to get a +9 or +10 Valk Shield! I only recommend sting if your server does not have Seeker Card!

Alternative 1: Megingard (+7 MDEF ea)
Alternative 2: Rosary[Nonslotted!] (+5 MDEF ea)
Notes on Accesory: I bet alot of you guys are WTFing over this, the only way to obtain decent MDEF w/ accesories is either by 1) An item that is buyable by ~7500z that wil also give +2 LUK, or 2) An overpowered god item that will also give +40 STR for each equipped, yea...

Freyja's Set:
1) Valkyrie Shield[1] (Already a top-allaround shield for MDEF)
2) Fricca's Circlet (Gives +10 MDEF, 5 less from one of the best top headgear for MDEF)
3) Odin's Blessing[1] (Gives nothing, only use is because this is the main component for many sets)
4) Full Set: You get an extra +5 MDEF (And another +5 MDEF if you add a Goat Card to the Odin's Blessing), and gives additional MDEF based on the Fricca's Circlet and Valkyrie Shield's refine rate (IIRC it's +1*Valk Shield and Fricca's Circlet Refine rate, correct me if i am wrong)
So in total a +10 Valkyrie Shield w/ Seeker, a +10 Fricca's Circlet and a +0~+4 Odin's Blessing w/ Goat can give about +45 MDEF alltogether, using only the Shield, Top and Armor for a +45 MDEF is a pretty good combo, but good luck with upgrading the Valkyrie Shield and Fricca's Circlet to +10!

Countering the MDEF Counter:
There are three MDEF stacking enemies:
1) +10 Staff of Piercing, IIRC it pierces 20% of your MDEF
2) Katherine Kayron Card, This fully nullifies your magic defense, a very rare card, but you can counter it w/ strip helm if you are a Rogue class, if you are another class, just switch your equipment to full offensive
3) Scholar's Mind Breaker, dunno if this reduces your EquipMDEF or INTDEF, it reduces by 50%, it is kind of hard to counter it.

Other notes:
Using some of these items will use slots that you might have wanted, you can customize it to fit your build and job class, having atleast 75 MDEF will make it very frustrating for a wizzie to kill you, this guide works on both Low Rate (Even thought, it will be hard as heck to obtain some items) and High Rate (But High Wizard Katrinn Card can bypass this)
Note that this is not any kind of GTB, you can still be cured and you only recieve 1% of magic damage by reaching 99 MDEF (High Wizards doing 12k on their JT will instead do 120 with 99 MDEF)
You can test it on RMS Test server, note that this follows CURRENT RO mechanics, not renewal mechanic
Please do not ask where do you get a specific item mentioned here, RMS database exists for a reason, same goes for mobs, and please do not start saying that I nerfed magic classes, Gravity makes bypassing MDEF more and more easier these days...
If you have any other info worth putting, just post it!