Making Simple Guild Emblems

Started by Allie, May 13, 2009, 12:05 AM

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This is a very simple guide that only supports Paint. I'll add how to make guild emblems with Photoshop CS4 later when I have the time. (My very first guide too!)

I. Pixel by Pixel Emblem Making.
II. Using a Stock Image.
III. Transparency & Borders.

I. Pixel by Pixel Emblem Making.
I, personally, very rarely use this method. If I do use this method, I almost always use only one color for the emblem.

1. Open your Paint program.

2. On Paint, go to Image -> Attributes and set the width and height to 24 x 24 Pixels.

3. Zoom in to enlarge the file. This will be easier for you to work on.

4. Use the pencil tool to draw the base of your emblem. For this guide, I'm going to make a very simple cross. NOTE: I do not use any measurements whatsoever; it just comes off the top of my head.

5. You can then fill in the colors of the emblem's base and add text if you wish.

(You can refer to fonts here)

6. Now that you have your emblem finished, make sure to save your emblem in your Gravity emblems folder (or to your respective server's emblems folder). Make sure to save your emblem as a 24-bit Bitmap file or it will not show up in the drop-down menu (Edit Emblem) in your guild window.

II. Using a Stock Image.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 from the Pixel by Pixel Emblem Making section.

3. Look for a stock image that you'd wish to use. I go to DeviantArt for my images. This is what I'm going to use for the tutorial:

4. Go to the stock image's folder to open the stock image in Paint (Right click -> Edit).

5. Choose a section of the stock image (using the "Select" tool) that you wish to include in your emblem. Again, I estimated the measurement of the section of the stock image (about 24x24). Copy and paste the section of the stock image to your empty 24x24 Paint file.

III. Transparency & Borders
In this tutorial, I am going to use the part of the stock image we used from the Using a Stock Image section.

6. Zoom into the emblem. Now, isolate the part of the emblem that you want using the Pencil tool (I recommend you use black).

7. You can either color the outer (or inner) isolated part with white or the transparency color. This color will appear transparent in RO.

This is the location of the transparency color in a standard Paint palette (the encircled color in between blue and yellow). This color is a mixture of 255 Red, and 255 Blue.

For this tutorial, I will color the isolated part of the emblem with the transparency color.

8. You can now add text to the emblem if you want.

Now, repeat step 6 from the Pixel by Pixel Emblem Making section to save your file.

Here is the link to the finished product:

Here are some border ideas that I thought of :D :

Sorry for the ambiguous parts of my guide! I'll try my best to improve this guide as soon as I can.


Great guide! This will really help all those influx of "how i mke emblm" posts.. I applaud you for trying to get the scourge away from the forums.

I never thought I would say this but..

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very nice..... it helped me ^_^ now my guild is at top 10 ranking!! rank is:6 name is :-Disabled-

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Nicw i can create emblems now! Thanks a lot  ;D


Very nice guide,I am making an emblem now.xD


Great guide for begginers. Really helpful.

I'm waiting for your Photoshop guide  ;D

Good job,

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you help me out.....

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Is there any easy way to do the text, or do you just try to draw it pixel by pixel?


Quote from: Mephias on Jun 19, 2010, 03:49 PM
Is there any easy way to do the text, or do you just try to draw it pixel by pixel?
Fonts will be too large, too full of details and are possibly anti-aliased.
The best way is to draw it pixel by pixel, but remember that it doesn't even need to look like one of the letter you learned in school back then, it just needs to look a bit like the letter you want to use.
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Or you can use Victor's Pixel Font.

Click here!

Enjoy :D

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nice guide! I usually googling for good pics then resize them because I can't draw a good one myself  /heh


Thanks for the guide. At least I can start to make some emblems with my own designs.

I've been into signatures lately but I want to be good in making emblems too. Have a good day everyone. /no1


what color i can used for transparent?


For transparent parts use magenta (255,0,255 or #FF00FF).


Great guide, was looking for something like this  /ok