Guide: How to create signature and characters pics and such thing~ ♥ (Ongoing)

Started by Mathspy, Sep 01, 2012, 07:45 PM

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Hay~ /ok I am kinda new here~ And I thought everyone would like to learn some tips and tricks on how to make your own character with very simple small tools and any version of RO~

1.0: Introduction
2.0: What we will need
3.0: How we will start
4.0: Steps
   4.1: Extracting your data.grf
   4.2: Finding the stuff you need for your own creation
      4.2.1: Body
      4.2.2: Head/Hairstyle
      4.2.3: Headgears

1.0: Introduction
Everyone would like to have a nice designed signature or a cool looking profile picture with their character doing any action they likes, right?

Most of us use RMS character simulator, which is still in 'beta' state for me. It's good, and I use it sometimes! But what if a headgear isn't working, don't just through all the job on Riotblade, he surely is busy and we can't bother him with upgrading the simulator all time!

So here you will learn how to make your character, with no character simulator!

NOTE: This won't be so simple at first, but once you get tight hang of it, you will do it while sleeping. So if you are an impatient person, this won't be something you will want to read.
NOTE2: This guide will keep getting updates as long as I can, and according to people request too.
NOTE3: If you don't understand something from my useless English, go to the second post, I will post there a video.

2.0: What we will need

  • Photoshop: Any Photoshop will work (I hope) I have CS5. If you have it, then yay~ If no, then you can download it or just buy it. (I won't help you to download it, since it's illegal?)
  • Lots of RMS tools, and some of my choices: We will need GRF tool, SPR Conview, Palette Tool, and STR viewer (Optional)
    You can download the first two from here but I just re-uploaded them because most of people don't have Java.
  • The Sprite Bible: This will simplify searching for what we will need.
3.0: How we will start
I will assume that you are a Male Rune Knight, and that you want to make a signature while riding the Dragon, making the attack pose, and wearing your incredibly amazing headgears!

AGAIN, if you are impatient or not sure you can do all the following, just try the RMS Character Simulator, but if it wasn't able to do what you wish, then you should continue reading.

4.0: Steps

   4.1: Extracting your data.grf

  • Simply just extract the GRF tool rar
  • Open your GRFtool.exe wherever you extracted the rar
  • Select the "Open" button at top-left corner
  • Go to your RO folder
  • Choose data.grf
  • Now press "Extract" and choose anywhere to extract it anywhere EXCEPT YOUR RO FOLDER

    Here is a Gif of the exact steps

    Now this may take a while, like five minutes or so~ Just wait~ ♥
    After it's over, you will have a folder filed with awkward characters stuff like "¸Ó¸®Åë". Asking why? Because you extracted a Korean language files on a PC that don't support Korean language~ Well, don't worry~ That's what we need!
   4.2: Finding the stuff you need for your own creation
    Lots of things (Not all tho) can be found from The Bible
    Nothing from Renewal is there... if RMS admins agree, I can take The Bible and add important stuff to it, but that's not really that important, it's still really effective.
      4.2.1: Body

    • At first, always try the Bible. So let's go to The Bible type what we are searching for, which is "Rune Knight." Uhh... not found? Well, every job/class can be found at \data\sprite\Àΰ£Á•\¸öÅë
      ³² mean males, ¿© mean females
    • Lots of nonsense stuff in the folder? They are not that much. Just keep searching around with the SPR Conview (It will be easier to press any .spr then make the default the SPR Conview)
    • Oh! Found it! It's name is •é³ªÀÌÆ®»Ú¶ì_³².spr
    • Now finding the pose you like! You can see four buttons that works as following:
      I like number 46 (That's the attack one I mentioned above)
    • Now coloring time! There are lots of ways to color, but we will now use "Palettes."
      Press the Palette menu, then choose "Open Palette" go to \data\palettes
      Now, there is two folders ¸ö and ¸Ó¸®. ¸ö is for classes/jobs palettes and ¸Ó¸® is for hairstyles palettes
    • Now, in ¸ö folder, search for the palettes which have same name as your class sprite IF YOU ARE WILLING TO USE DEFAULT CLOTHES DYES. If you want to go wild, try lots of palettes, some won't make changes, that's cuz they are not prepared for this class. So choose any which you like, you can even edit them, or create ones using the palette tool you downloaded from above
    • Done? Good! Now press File menu then "Save Frame As..." then choose wherever you want to save it
      4.2.2: Head/Hairstyle
      Now getting the Head is the same as Body, just different folders

    • Go to \data\sprite\Àΰ£Á·\¸Ó¸®Åë where you will see female and male again. Inside you will find all the hairstyles with their numbers, I will be using the first.
    • Open 1_³².spr. Now, we made the body look to that direction right? Well, the head should look to it too!
    • Good! With a single frame change you made it, now you should choose a palette.
    • Same as Body, just go to the folder prepared for hairstyle palettes. Oh! And here is a tip:
      The Hairstyles color little guide
      • 0 is Red
      • 1 is Blond
      • 2 is Purple
      • 3 is Brown
      • 4 is Green
      • 5 is Blue
      • 6 is White
      • 7 is Darker Brown (Maroon?)
    • When you are done, save it like with the body, I would recommended saving them at same folder with names like Me Body 1, Me Head 1 and so on.
      4.2.3: Headgears
      Now, the harsh part~
  • Finding your headgear using names

    • Open google translate.
    • Translate any part from your headgear name from English to Korean ((NOTE: Try using famous words. Like, if your headgear name is Scarlet Rose then translate "Rose." If it's "Dark Blinder" then translate "Dark"))
    • Now copy what you have translated.
    • Open GRF tool, select the data.grf, paste what you copied in the search bar and press enter, it will give you few items (Sometimes nothing) just look at them at the preview at the side.
    • If you found the one you are searching for, copy it's name then search for it in \data\sprite, if you didn't find it, use other translates (Every word can be translated to more than one word). It may take lots of tries to achieve what you want.
      If you can't do this for any reason, just leave a review with the headgear you wish, and I will get you it's sprite.

  • Finding your headgear using texture folder

    • Go to \data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\item
      Here lies all the items in the game... including headgears, so if you are patient and first way didn't work...
    • Then use this way. Open the first picture then spam the right arrow and don't blink, when you are done, copy it's name then search it in \data\sprite!! Lol, I had to use it once and it wasn't nice but it succeed and you have nothing else to do~ Except
      Contacting me, best way is from reviews since it will help other people who are searching for same item too
I miss this place


I miss this place



Quote from: Sovereign on Sep 08, 2012, 08:08 PM
Pretty informative guide, will be trying it out soon!

Very glad to hear! I am still working on writing the Photoshop steps, and I was just working on it's video, since it's easier to show those than telling them!
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I've been looking for one of these for like forever. :3

Thanks for posting~ Will make good use of the information~


Yokata!! >w< (As "Yay" or "I am happy" in Japanese XD)

Hope you enjoy making your signature! >D And check from time to time, I am still updating~ /ok
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Quote from: Godsaken on Sep 16, 2012, 09:36 PM
Now i'm off to create a signature :D


This needs a few more updates and it should be perfect /lv I will be doing them in my spare time /no1
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Nice guide, no more Signature generators for me! (If i can get this to work!)


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OMG Thank you so much for making this thread, I am now able to make sigs on my own. *_*

My first own-made sig for my guild



Quote from: Hollengrhen on Aug 20, 2013, 01:40 AM
OMG Thank you so much for making this thread, I am now able to make sigs on my own. *_*

My first own-made sig for my guild


They, that's a nice and simple signature. But you should remove the ------- thing in my view and try adding some stroke to the characters and the emperiums too. (google on how to do it)
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Help., I have this color that I always use in game. I'm having trouble on how to use the palettes. I'm editing an assasin cross. but it seems I dont know how to make it red and gold like what im using in game. So please help.



I am shocked all of these people used my guide while I was away ;w; Thanks everyone! Anyone who needs anything can PM here!
I am back to Ragnarok, people X3
I miss this place

Chemical Crush

Ive always used sprite sheets

Those are the ones I use to make signatures, idk if it'll be helpful to people or not.