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Author Topic: Guide: How to create signature and characters pics and such thing~ ♥ (Ongoing)  (Read 58118 times)

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Offline sinxboy

Help., I have this color that I always use in game. I'm having trouble on how to use the palettes. I'm editing an assasin cross. but it seems I dont know how to make it red and gold like what im using in game. So please help.


Offline Oppai~

good guide,

keep it up!

Offline Mathspy

I am shocked all of these people used my guide while I was away ;w; Thanks everyone! Anyone who needs anything can PM here!
I am back to Ragnarok, people X3
I miss this place

Offline Chemical Crush

Ive always used sprite sheets


Those are the ones I use to make signatures, idk if it'll be helpful to people or not.