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W.I.P will make more pretty later, *note I made this guide specifically for downloading WarfareRO but it should work the same with any ragnarok private server  /ok. Im also new to RMS so bare with me pls~

This is a guide to running RO on a Mac by running Windows XP on your mac

*Note – I am not an expert on computers; this is a simple guide to how I play RO using a Mac. I am not responsible for anything that happens or anything that you do to your Mac. Any suggestions given are mere suggestions. There are many ways you can run RO on a Mac; this is just the method I prefer ☺.

With that said…lets go!

Step 1: Download Parallels Desktop
-(-> http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/

Once you have Parallels Desktop downloaded you will need a windows operating system. I prefer running Ragnarok on Windows XP as it just seems to work more fluidly.

Step 2:--removed, I won't help you to get paid progs for free--

Step 3: Now run Parallels Desktop

If you purchased Prallels Desktop, proceed to follow the instructions prompted by the app and enter your activation code then skip to step 4 of this guide…If you downloaded the trial, continue to the “optional step”

Optional step: Click on get trial code. It should be on the bottom, left hand corner. Follow the instructions prompted and receive your free trial.

Step 4:
-If you have a CD version of your Windows file follow the instructions prompted and click the CD icon and proceed to install Windows.

-If you have an .iso file saved on your mac do the following:
   1. Select: “Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file”
2. Select your .iso file for Windows XP, if it does not find it automatically simply click “locate manually” and select your .iso file wherever you stored it

YAY! You can now run Windows XP on your Mac ☺
-From here simply download and run any RO

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please post them here or pm me.

Hope this helps

Edited by Triper: It comes late but better than never.

Great Guide! I'm sure this will help Mac users!

I know that post has been created for almost a long time, but virtual machines aren't the best way to install any kind of game in a Mac. The best way considering performance and space consuming is porting, like Wineskin, and there is finally a method to install Ragnarok Private Servers with it.

I spent I lot of time trying to create it, and it worked with two different servers (ragnaBR and RagBrasil), which probably means it can work with any private server.

1- Create a Wineskin wrapper with the engine WS9Wine1.7.18
2- Activate MacDriver in it, also put windowed with normal windows
3- Install the winetrick vcrun2008
4- Done! Now you just need to install Ragnarok Online and the Ragnarok Server Path in order to play, just like you always did in Windows! :)

I've also made a WSI file to automatically create that wrapper using Porting Kit if someone gets interested. You just need to install Porting Kit, double click that file, and install Ragnarok and your private server patch after the wrapper creation.

Game ready to play:

Game opened:


Adam Don:
Nice Guide VitorMM, plenty of people wanted this guide which i came across and now can suggest those people about
thanks for sharing.

Jesus Christ! Thanks! Bookmarked this page. (Hope RMS won't delete this thread)


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