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Author Topic: How to enable various server features  (Read 4530 times)

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How to enable various server features
« on: Mar 14, 2008, 10:46 pm »
This is going to be a collective guide. Basically what you're going to do is, post a reply on how to enable various features of your server, then I'll add them to the guide. For example, lets say you want to know how to get zeny to drop from monsters. Just post it here, I'll add it to the guide. Thanks!

So lets begin with my first request from a personal friend:

--------------------Collective Enabling Guide-------------------

1. How to enable @commands: Go to your eAthena/conf folder. Inside you will see a file called ''atcommand_athena''. Open this up. Inside is a list of all @commands available for different player levels. Now, lets say you want to enable the command ''@whodrops''. @whodrops is not available for normal players. However, if you want to enable that specifically for normal players, all you have to do is go change the command level. Now, to change the command level, in this file find the line of code which says something like this....

// Show who drops an item (mobs with highest drop rate)
whodrops: 1

Now, to enable it for regular players, just change 0 to 1. At the begining of the text file you will see this:

// Default levels were chosen so that they form the following hierarchy:
// 0: Normal player
//    -> no commands accessible
// 1: Super player
//    -> some minor advantage: storage, petrename, etc...
// 10: Super player+
//    -> more powerful commands, like mobsearch and changegm
// 20: Mediator
//    -> GM commands for finding players and moving to them (also kicking them)
// 40: Sub-GM
//    -> GM commands for basic tasks, no significant impact on other players
// 50: Sub-GM+
//    -> GM commands to spawn mobs and create guilds
// 60: GM
//    -> almost all commands available (except administration and mass commands)
// 80: GM Chief
//    -> can do anything, except administration commands
// 99: Administrator
//    -> can do anything!
// 100: Disabled
//    -> commands that will not be available to anyone

These are all the different command levels. To enable or disable a command for a certain level, just type in the desired level numbers (0, 1, 10, 20...so on), then when you restart your server, players of that level will have the selected command.