Soil Farming

Started by Kamiden, Oct 26, 2010, 03:25 AM

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He kind of explained in detail ~_~

Got disabled at server I was at, but I managed to get about 15 99/69-70 trans in a few days(Well few weeks but I only did it on weekends) on 7/7/5, at that time I don't think anyone else owned more than 1 99 trans. Using 2x mimic and a myst case card I farmed up a few hundred mil to, which put let me outgear entire guilds(Other than 1 which could farm GDB etc ;_;) I highly suggest server owners disable this.

Pine jubilee is made from a new world quest, requires you to get 5 fur from tatacho/hillsion

QuoteThis is true. However a lot of servers don't allow you to cultivate a plant in a building. Also, it's akin to kill stealing if they do destroy your farm. Though this is a great thing, I feel like I should add it to the OP. xD
99% of servers will reject a report on someone killing ones you're not tanking, so they can KS. They can troll and kill your mob, while they MIGHT get punished you still have to re-set up. It's not worth the risk if you're on a decently populated server. Also I rarely see servers have no cultivating in buildings :|

Also, 1 sinx tanking can push out about 200/min(12k/hour) and you can do it with multiple on a good map, me and a few friends did it and we were killing ~60k an hour


Pretty sure you can do it without the Morrigane set.  It's surprisingly easy to reach the 100 PD.


is any way to get 100 PD without support characters and custom equips


Quote from: Buckyx on Mar 29, 2011, 12:51 PM
is any way to get 100 PD without support characters and custom equips
pine jubilee+ morrignae's set >:


So this is how its done. I've heard people talk about this before, but I'm completely clueless how its done. Thanks for the guide. Now! on to my future zenies Muahaha :D

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I personally think it's more beneficial to use other methods to get your zeny, although it's an easy way to leech characters.

Quote from: Kamiden on Oct 26, 2010, 03:25 AMOH! If you own a server, specify whether this is allowed or not. Silence is consent. ;D

For the record, if you're wondering, NeuRO -did- allow this, but people were multiplying them so much we were worried that it was the cause of quite a few crashes. We ended up removing the skill because even if it wasn't what was crashing us, it sure as hell was causing a lot of lag. Haha!

People were doing 2000+ at a time, over and over. ):