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Author Topic: Homunculus Amistr Guide  (Read 45153 times)

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Homunculus Amistr Guide
« on: May 19, 2011, 10:04 pm »

0.1: Introduction
0.2: Skills
0.3: Stats & Expectations
0.4: Leveling Spots
0.5: Conclusion

0.1: Introduction

The Amistr, a.k.a. the "sheep" or "hippo" homunculus. The Amistr is the best tank of all four homunculi and is best used as a distraction or a mobber in PvM. Its damage output is relatively mediocre, and it heavily relies on its ATK stat as well as its evolutionary skill Blood Lust.

Amistrs eat Zargon, dropped by Deviruchi, or bought in Geffen fairly cheap. For an AI, I recommend Ariafortis' AI, a very manual AI but very useful. I find it to be the most superior AI available, moreso than mirAI, etc. Remember to type /hoai to activate it, and when making changes to the AI's structure, logging and relogging is imperative or else it won't activate the edits.

Feeding is also imperative, or your homunculus will run away and you'll need to make a new one. Feed your homunculus once between 11 and 25 to boost its intimacy, thus progressing towards evolution and higher stats / a different sprite. Remember to put your homunculus in "Rest" before using @autotrade or the timer will continue to count down, and after a few minutes, your homunculus will disappear forever!

Like all homunculi, the Amistr comes in two forms. The first form, the "sheep", looks like this:

It is typically the most favourable form, although neither version has an advantage over the other. Regardless its sprite, the homunculus will develop in the same, irrational way as the other version.

The less popular form, the "hippo", looks like this:

It is still a mystery why Gravity decided to introduce disgusting-looking homunculi as alternatives.

A good PvM Amistr must focus on the following stats (in order of Priority->Obsolete):

1) VIT (& HP)
2) AGI
3) STR
4) DEX
5) INT
6) LUK

Being a tank, the Amistr takes advantage of high base HP and VIT. It can easily reach 12,000HP at optimal stat growth and should acquire 175DEF or more with Defense and Adamantium Skin active. The only thing it can't tank too well is magic due to its poor MDEF, but a couple pots and it should be fine.

AGI comes afterwards. Again, this aides in the defense portion of the Amistr. The less you get hit, the less damage you take. In PvP, AGI is pointless; in PvM, though, it's very useful and shouldn't be taken lightly. This is also for ASPD, as an Amistr does not use offensive skills.

That is also why STR places third. No skills = need high regular damage output. The faster and harder you hit, the better.

Like in the Vanilmirth scenario, DEX is fourth, and is required due to needing Hit to land attacks. This also helps raise its ATK stat overall.

INT is second-to-last as an Amistr does not use MATK skills, and its MDEF can never get high enough to account for anything anyway.

LUK is useless for all homunculi due to their inability to land CRITs. That's why when you get a homunculi with "Amazing" LUK, it's extremely disappointing. When checking stats on sites such as Doddler (Calculator) (Alternate Calculator), ignore LUK altogether.

0.2: Skills


A great skill, especially when mobbing or being suddenly attacked by an MVP. Castling will change locations with the homunculi, and anything that was attacking you will now begin to attack it.


A great skill that raises both your and the homunculus' DEF for a period of time.

Adamantium Skin

This skill raises the Amistr's base DEF, HP Regeneration, and Max HP permanently. It should be maxed out immediately upon being accessible.

Blood Lust
*Evolution Skill*

When evolved, the Amistr can use Blood Lust to boost its ATK by about half its normal capacity. It also permits a chance to absorb damage as HP (20% per hit).

0.3: Stats & Expectations

Although many people can and will debate on deleting a homunculi too early, if an Amistr begins sucking at the beginning, it's a 50-50 indicator of it sucking all the way to 99 - unlike the Filir, whose stats are so limited that you can officially tell if it will be inferior to standards at level 99 by level 40.

Generally, the rule of thumb I go by (with Adamantium Skin maxed and Defense active), is:

Level 30: 72+DEF
Level 50: 110+DEF, 6000+HP, & 108+Flee
Level 60: 122+DEF, 7200+HP, & 123+Flee
Level 70: 130+DEF, 8500+HP, & 142+Flee
Level 90: 145+DEF, 11,000+HP, & 181+Flee

Do note that this is a considerably good homunculus that is above average overall. The average homunculus has much lower Flee, around 135DEF, and ~10,000HP at level 99 when evolved

Here's an image of an amazing Amistr (evolved, with Defense, no Blood Lust) that I made on a different server:

This is what you're aiming for!.

You should be aiming for the best. To do so, you should be expecting 150DEF at level 90. You also will want high Flee, enough to acquire a minimum of 200 by level 99. AGI and VIT are almost equally important; a tank that takes a lot of hits and can survive them isn't as good as a tank that can dodge and tank simultaneously.

As mentioned early, VIT and AGI is important, but it's not everything. If all your other stats suck, but your VIT and AGI is astounding, you might want to reconsider restarting on another one, pending your play style. A well-rounded homunculus with high VIT and AGI is preferable to one with incredible VIT and crappy everything else.

0.4: Leveling Spots

Being a tank makes leveling a lot easier on yourself and on your wallet.

The way I generally do it is:

Level 1-10: Drops/Porings/Lunatics (pay_fild08)
Level 11-20: Rockers (pay_fild07)
Level 21-25: Poporings/Zombies (pay_dun00)
Level 26-55: Metalings (lhz_fild01)
Level 56-80: High Orcs (gef_fild14)
Level 81-99: Deviruchis/Marionettes/Nightmares (gef_dun02)

Similar to the Vanilmirth, eh? That's because even though its damage output is low, it can dodge most of these monsters - even when mobbing 10-15 at a time - and slowly kill them off one by one. Make sure to have a few pots handy, though.

However, some people take to Orc Dungeon, Toy Factory, and other areas for leveling. I've just found that these areas have worked for me.

0.5: Conclusion

Amistr is a beast. It's the best tank and can deal out enough damage to suffice. Its Castling and its Defense skills are extremely useful in PvM as diversions; however, in PvP, it's practically useless due to the technique not working on anything but AIs. The Amistr is a good choice if you've got a lot of AD bottles on-hand and want to take down some bigger mobs while your Amistr tanks the damage - as well, if you're attacked by accident, you can quickly escape by using Castling.

Compared to Lif, the Amistr is an underappreciated homunculus, with an OK damage skill (Blood Lust - nothing compared to Mental Change) and an escape skill that can be more useful than Lif's Emergency Avoid. It has higher DEF and AGI overall so it can kill things slowly but effectively - this is good for AFKing, or multi-tasking on two clients. The big thing is Lif's ability to heal its master with pots, whilst Amistr has nothing like that to compare.

Pending your playing style, Amistr could be better than Lif in terms of tanking and PvM; on the other hand, Lif is also a great choice overall and for most situations, whereas Amistr is more limited.

Feel Free to Add in Your Own Tips/Advice by Replying Below v


Offline leokimah

Re: Homunculus Amistr Guide
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2011, 11:32 pm »
Very nice simple guide.

I'd like to suggest some other leveling places.

1-15 Spores (pay_fild01)
16-30 Wolves (pay_fild02)
31-99 Les (mosk_dun01)

Les has great exp, low atk, low def and low hp. Amazing for amistr.

Offline Belldandy

Re: Homunculus Amistr Guide
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2011, 11:44 pm »
Ah, I trained at Les, too, for a while. You're right - it does offer great EXP at little "cost".