Creative Editing: Preview Unidentified Items

Started by bleu, Mar 13, 2009, 02:57 AM

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OMG... a drop. What is it? Does anyone have a Magnifier? Everyone stares at each other and after a brief moment said No. Oh well... let's identify it later when we get back to Prontera.   :(

This edit will allows you to preview an item without using a Magnifier or Identify skill. However, it's just a preview, and if you want to be able to use/equip the item, you still need to identify it using the conventional method.

1. Download and install the necessary programs below.

a. GrfBuilder (to extract data)
b. Free RAR Extract Frog (to unpack .rar files)

Download GRFBuilder (for this purpose you do not need SPR_Conview and ROUnicode)
Download Free RAR Extract Frog

2. Using GrfBuilder, Open tdata.grf (C:\Program Files\Ragray\tdata.grf) *Not sdata.grf*

This guide was written based on TalonRO. The server custom grf for that server is named tdata.grf. It will most likely be different for other servers. For example: RebrithRO's custom grf is named bdata.grf while PhaseRO's custom grf is named ndata.grf. This applies to non-Korean language ROs. What if you find more than one server custom grf? Locate a file called Data.ini; it will tell you the order which the client will read the grf files- simply pick the grf at the top or indicates as[0]. (If you can't find data.ini; just try looking for any .ini files or ask your server GM - not all servers need a Data.ini)

3. Extract All the data to a temporary folder. (C:\MyTemporary).  

4. Create the following folder:
C:\Program Files\Ragray\data\

5. Go to C:\MyTemporary\data\ and copy the three files below and paste them in the newly created folder


Rename the files at C:\Program Files\Ragray\data\  to the following:


(i.e.: Remove the first two alphabets "id")

7. Before edit (Original)

8.  After edit. You shall be able to preview items on your screen only without identifying them.

A preview cannot differentiate between slotted and non-slotted items.

A Hood in Preview Mode

A Hood[1], after appraisal was made.

Click here

Please check with your server if you are allowed to edit the client side. Some servers prohibit that.


Good trick, it will save people time and money.


I don't mean to sound impolite or disrespectful, personally i love your tips, i think they're genius. But perhaps this one is just redundant.
IMHO anyone who's hunted anything properly would know what item it is just by it's type and weight [unless it's one of those few monsters who drop both types of the same gear (i.e. RSX drops a slotted and non-slotted ice pick)]...



Not everyone has memorized every drop off of every monster.



This "trick" is older than RO itself.
When we finally get rid of all those messed up descriptions that showed unidentified item from data translation files, someone comes here and tells everybody how to do it back.


Quote from: bleu on Mar 13, 2009, 02:57 AM
Please check with your server if you are allowed to edit the client side. Some servers prohibit that.

lol well he does say that ^^;
a lot of servers will punish you for this though =/


What do you do after you rename the files? Leaving them there seems to do nothing.


Quote from: RagnarokGuidelines on Jul 24, 2009, 03:40 PM
What do you do after you rename the files? Leaving them there seems to do nothing.

Are those renamed files in the correct directory?
Have you edited the correct files?
Is your server a Type I or Type II server? or perhaps Type III?

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If all else fails, please include some screenshots of what you have done so far. That would certainly help speed things along.



1. sorry for necro
2. i solved my problem:

if your server doesnt accept other grf files but sdata.grf and "yourserver".grf then you need to extract the grf copy the files and rewrite the ones with smaller size but left the original


can someone upload or explain how to get data folder? I've tried the step, and not working. I put those 3 files in "data" folder (just make a new one because i don't have before) but there's no such "working_folder" ; "sprite" ; "texture" folder in my "data folder. I keep repeat the step and it doesn't work in the private server


Open data.grf with any grf tool and they should be there[I just checked it now and it's there].

If this still works or not, I dunno. I think they use lua files for this nowadays so it may not work. If someone can confirm it, go for it.


this causes very nasty problems if you don't update this when they update the item table for your server (adding new items). and every server has different customs, complicating things more...


I advise using a Hex editor and changing the name of the files in the client. You won't run into the same issues if your server has frequent updates. But if that server has Harmony, there's a good chance it'll prevent you from logging on if you modified the client itself and not the GRFs.