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Guide: Ninja Quest
« on: May 25, 2010, 06:16 pm »
Step 1: After obtaining Job level 10 and utilizing all skill points in the "Basic Skill" skill, go to alberta.
Step 2: In alberta talk to Akagi [[/where alberta (30, 65)]] he will send you to Amatsu for free.
Step 3: Enter a seeminly empty house in the middle of amatsu. Walk through the poster with a symbol on it.  Then continue downstairs. Talk to the closest npc to you. He looks just like Akagi.
Step 4: The ninja guys asks for your help to find Red Leopard Joe in Einbroch.
Step 5: Get atop Einbroch tower via Mark, the tower guide for 10z. Now talk to "Suspicious Man"
Step 6: go south of town to the Southwest most part of the map and walk atop of a strange white area on the maps floor. Then while on that white area, click on the red tree that allows it.
Step 7: Head back to suspicious man. Turns out he was Red Leopard Joe, he warps you back to Amatsu.
Step 8: Talk to ninja guy downstairs in house again. Give him 5 Iron Ore and 1 Pharacon and poof. Your a Ninja!

****Just posting this so RMS.net can refine their guide thats on website.
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