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The sniper experienced in laying traps and attacking from a distance. This guide will go into the stats/equips I've used in BG/WoE on 99/70 mid rate~low rate servers.

I'm not going to go into one of those "I'll tell you why you should be a sniper" Why? Because they're boring and annoying I wouldn't be looking up a sniper guide if I didn't want to become one.

Some Questions you might have:


F**k you and F**k your sinx, with this build I've been able to tank a edp+SL SB, now gtf outa here.

What's so good about snipers they die so easily.
STFU, only bad snipers die easily. A good to decent sniper can have any class in a status in seconds and tank nearly anything.

So weak they couldn't kill anyone even if they wanted to in WoE or pvp.
*facepalm* GTFO, 1v1 scenario you will be traped you will be status you will see what trap stacking can do and you'll probably even die, WoE snipers are not meant to kill.

No trap can stop me I'm a champ going to asura your noob donkey
Ever herd of a hide clip? It's asura bane.
I have ruwatch you can't hide from me
I don't need to hide I just need to time it right to dodge the asura which is quite easy.

Let's move on to some stats and equips:
Stats for me usually go dex>vit>int points left over go into str though you can swap out the int for agi if you want. You can mess around with the stats to see what's best for you.

Equips: If the server has Battle Ground equips go for those.
Headgear:Apple of archer, Beret, Feather Beret, if you want a slotted one, go for it though I recomend the Berets for the demi resistance.

Mid: you might see someone say "OMFG GET THE BINOCULARS NOOB" tell them to stfu. The extra dex is nice but it's not a "need" item it's just if you want it get it. Slotted sunglasses are what I recommend with a mayap of course but those can be expensive.

Armor: Elite Archer Suit BG armor costs 80badges.
Valk armor: can't go wrong with that armor.
Sniping Suit [1]: Really nice armor if you can get one get it.
If you're short on funds any slotted armor will do just when you get to a decent level go ahead and BG for some equips.

Card in Armor: Evil Druid, Marc, Ghostring any elemental armor card. You never know you might need them best to have them.

Garment: Commander's Manteau costs 50badges
Wool Scarf
Any Slotted Garment

Cards: Noxis, Raydric, if you want a lot of flee go ahead and throw in a whisper card.

Footgear: Combat Boots they cost 50badges
Tidal Shoes
Any slotted footgear

Cards: Your choice I went with matyr for the extra hp but there's not really a card to recommend here just put whatever you like in it.

Shield: Valk Shield, it's just one hell of a shield if you can get it, GET IT.
Stone Buckler
Any slotted shield Archers can use.

Cards: Thara frog, Maya, GTB. Though mostly Thara.

Accs: You might be guessing dex accs right? FK NO. You want  Wickebine Tres Cards and a smoke card to swap out with. Wick cards let you cast strip armor and the smokie lets you use hide. You'll use the Wicks when you're trying to strip and the smokie when someone wants to try and 1 hit kill you or an AoE is coming at you and you don't want to get out of the way.

Weaons: ahhh the best part, Start hunting some four slotted bows, if you want damage grab a BG bow other than that you're on status mode.

Cards: Any cards that cause status effects, there are too many status cards and I don't feel like putting them all down use RMS to look them up. Go ahead and start stacking them in bows get some quad ones and even do doubles like double disarm and double sleep, I usually go with 2 curse 2 sleep/silence.

Arrows: Any arrow that causes a status.

Some Items you'll want to have: If you don't have a mayap card start hunting Boxes of Sunlight or just get them from the BG exchanger, you will need speed potions, condinced white potions, and sp items you'll be at 50%+ weight all the time. Some vit/str food would be good never hurts to have them.

BG: You can do some fun things here, if it's capture the flag you can either defend or as soon as the match starts run to the enemies base and start trapping their base up same with stone control. This pisses off the opposing team, and when they try to kill you they learn snipers aren't as squishy as people think.

Lay down sleepers, freeze mines ankle snares go crazy with traps. If you do it right people won't really be able to gang you because they will be dealing with all the traps and will let you equip one of your status bows and go crazy. Be weary while in the opposing teams base you should have your shield on most of the time only swapping to a bow to status. All it takes is one lucky sinx to find you with your shield off and 1 hit you. Use speed potions they can mean life and death when trying to get away or going forward.

Someone has a crystal? Trap them. They cannot use any skills they cannot pot, they are now your b***ch. Don't stay there and taunt switch to your damage bow and lay down a few double strifes, with awakenings you should be able to deal constant decent damage. They will die. If you dwindle on them too long it gives the opposing team enough time to get to you and start trying to kill you. It's really hard to outpot 5v1.

If you see a FS prof TRAP HIM, he can trap you in a cobweb but other than that can't do really anything to you. Trapping up one of the opposing teams main tanks/annoying bastard can give a huge advantage to your team.

^Everything up there can be used for nearly every BG mode for the WoE BG modes just read the WoE section.

WoE: If your castle is being attacked you need to be defending with your guild. However at the start of WoE feel free to just trap up the place. If champs try to asura you just use hide, if they have ruwatch up time it right. You may have to practice a little with the timing.

Your traps can easily mean the life and death of your guild, they can stop the tanks, healers, damage dealers and anyone else from getting to your guild. Be weary of the time on your traps, know when to re-trap when necessary. 

Big attacks on the EMP while defending: You should've already trapped up out side the entrance and inside if you start seeing a lot of people come in, back up and switch to a status bow and start arrow showering. If your server allows speed potion stacking use the stack. I like using a sleep/silence bow with curse arrows but any status bow works. If you see a sniper/stalker removing traps try to silence him or tell one of your guildys to try and kill him.

PVP: Oh yes pvp, fun, fun, fun oh yeah FUN. You can now push people away! Also Trap stacking is now available to you. /ok The chances of someone getting close to you are very slim here.... Unless you piss off the entire pvp room and get 10v1'd, not my fault they kept stepping on all my stacked traps ;D

This is all in a 1v1 scenario for each class:

Assassin Cross: WoE/BG trap/status move on. PvP:

SB:You can tank their SB if you want if they are soul linked don't try it. You want to try and trap them with status traps and swap around your status bows to try and get him in one. If you can put him to sleep or freeze him you can now start stacking traps. If you can't status him switch to your disarm bow and start the stripping ;) as soon as you take his katars you can out pot anything he throws at you and he can usually do the same so no status= stalemate. Though if you do status him in a sleep/freeze/curse or something along those lines and start stacking landmines you can kill him.

Crit: Yeah.. if they have decent aspd and they get near you they will kill you. Keep them away and try to status them.

DD: Errrr same with crit though less aspd and you can usually tank them.

Stalker: Ohhh I so dislike them, well instant cast lightning spear of ice ones, the others I don't really care about. WoE/BG Status/trap move on.

Caster Stalker: If they have instant cast or near instant and have lightning spear of ice and are constantly tunnel diving/Chaser walking to get away, try putting them in a status or just trap them and walk away you can tank the damage but I don't recommend it. The damage is fast and you'll be spamming pots like mad.

Bow/Melee Stalker: Don't let the melee one get near you and you should be fine. If the bow stalker has a status bow, and status you... status the ho right back. His damage is mediocre at best with Double Straf and if they try to get close to Bowling Bash you just charge arrow them away or trap them. If you put them to sleep or something that immobilize them and start trap stacking.

Professor: In WoE/BG you just want to trap them and move on In pvp:

FS: he can trap you can you can trap them if you have a Evil Druid card on he can't do diddly squat to you other than take sp and cobweb you. You can just use sp pots anyway Feel free to start spamming them with a status bow if they trapped you in a cobweb. You can try stacking traps but that usually won't kill them.

Bolt Profs: Laugh in their face, trap them place a few more traps around them and walk away if you want to kill them go ahead and try, if you get enough traps stacked you can kill them. If you've ever been hit by a bolt you know you can start spamming potions along with each bolt thus killing you with bolts is laughable, another option is just to hide the bolts. Switch to fire armor if you see a bolt prof that's usually their main bolt.

High Wizard: Trap them, if they start to cast hit them. You can keep them in an ankle snare while tanking any damage they throw at you. Stack traps and kill them.

Lord Knight: BG/WoE Trap them, move on pvp:

BB spear/2H BB/Spiral: Ah hahaha have fun with them. If you get them in an ankle snare run away so they can't charge attack you and start stacking traps know the time limit on your ankle snare so when it's about to run out place one and arrow shower it over to him. You may not be able to kill him with the traps but you can have some fun with them.

Paladin: Trap them they can't do crap. Just like with the Lord Knight make him your b**ch. You can easily tank Shield Chain and pressure. Keep him traped and start stacking, again you may not be able to kill him but he also can't kill you so have fun with him.

Sniper:WoE/BG status them, and try to silence them. pvp:

DS: You can tank their DS easily. Status them or swap to your damage bow and put some stun arrows on. DS snipers tend to have low to no vit so stunning them is easy. Go ahead and trap stack if you would rather kill them that way.

Trapper: Say hi, fist bump, tell him how epic he is he'll tell you the same. Stack traps with him and kill everyone.

Clown/Dancer: WoE/BG trap, status move on.

MEH. Trap them, if they're linked trap and run. If they're not, trap them, stack traps, kill. Watch out for tarot card though if they get a lucky coma you're dead.

Priest: Trap them, place a few more ankles around them and move on.

Trap them, the likelihood of you killing them is low. They can't get out of your traps and if they assump themselves they're hard to kill even with trap stacking. They're good allies bad enemies.

Monk: WoE/BG status and move on. Pvp:

Asura: Status them, keep statusing them if they puma, arrow shower them out. Though test first if they just stay in the puma feel free to start trap stacking than knock them out of it and start statusing them. If you have the timing for asura down they won't be able to kill you.

Combo champ: Hmm if they start comboing you, you can kiss your bum goodbye. Keep them away at all times and status them.
Champs are killable it's just hard to kill them.

Ceator: WoE/BG Trap/Status move on

Status them, trap their homon. If you can silence them you can kill them, if you get them in an ankle snare RUN AWAY so they don't AD you. Get the distance down keep them snared and start the stacking.

White Smith:WoE/BG Trap/Status move on
Good God do NOT LET THEM GET NEAR YOU. They can't get out of an ankle snare so if you trap them you can kill them. If they start CTing you, you're going to die. You should have enough vit not to get stunned but CT can achieve high damage.

Gunslinger: Don't get near them, desperado hurts... A lot. Other than that try ankle snaring and than trap stacking to kill them.

Ninja: If you can't put them to sleep/freeze them spam them into a wall.

Takewon kid/Ranker/Master:

TKK: If their not a ranker they don't really pose a threat, damage bow and kill them.

TK Ranker: If they're a decent ranker than they can and will pull off an infinite combo that has the ability to kill you, do not let them start that combo. Ankle Snare them and try to get away fast enough so they can't Flying Side Kick to you. Start trap stacking. They have a lot of hp so killing them is hard.

TM: Their damage is decent and they can get max aspd, again don't let them get near you. They're easier to kill than TK rankers. Same tactics.

Entire pvp room vs you:

Start stacking traps somewhere walk up to where everyone sitting down in the pvp room and shoot a few of them, they'll come after you and they will most likely walk onto your stacked traps. Eventually the entire pvp room will start calling you a ***** for running away and than the entire pvp room will be after you each time you enter the room. It's always so much fun.

Anyway this is my first guide, criticism allowed! Come at me bro.


Did you like copy and paste this? I've seen this somewhere..