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Guide: Force to use Nvidia Graphics Card instead of Intel on your any laptop

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--- Quote from: powerstarprince on Sep 14, 2018, 02:14 pm ---
Hi, thanks for the awesome post but that would only help Nvidia users. Do you have a similar solution for and users?? I have a Radeon HD graphic card but I'm only allowed to use in HD graphics from the video settings of Ragnarok online. the game runs ok but I want it to perform better during woe. please help!

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the solution must work for both cards, but I heard about the much worst story for AMD graphics cards because AMD dropped support not only for DirectX8 but also for almost everything except 11. Try the solution, maybe it will work for you, who knows. Also, check your control panel, do you have there an option to pick proper graphics adapter for an app? If no, there I guess no any way how to force to use AMD graphics than.

If you're gonna b**** to gravity tell them to use openGL or vulkan so we can natively play RO on other operating systems

a fortunately gepard recognize this as a "illegal files"  /wah /sob

I did update dead download Links to actual one.
About "gepard" errors, this is related to server owners and functor personally.
In other words RO admins must ask functor to authorize these dlls, otherwise it will not work.

Did you find any issues with the maps having the black bars/dots as well? I didn't see that issue on your screenshots but I did have some on my gtx 970 with a 20130807 client


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