Fast DirectX 9 lib for laptop, ReShade - enchant graphics in RO like in AA

Started by anacondaqq, Mar 22, 2024, 10:44 AM

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Images that explain more than description:

Detailed information is available here:

And here: Link to ReShade (Improve Graphics for Ragnarok Online without HD Sprites and other trash that crash game client):

Why it is necessary.

You might already be familiar with the topic: [Guide: Force to Use Nvidia Graphics Card Instead of Intel on Your Any Laptop](

Where DegooVoodoo is used to run RO on discrete graphics cards. But DegooVoodoo has a lot of flaws and problems. Mainly in performance and operation. This bug hasn't been fixed for years, and I'm tired of waiting for a fix.

I've developed my own library that correctly and efficiently translates the old DirectX API to the new one, allowing you to utilize DirectX 9.

1. Download. (by links above)
2. Copy to the game folder.
3. Configure the game client to run on discrete graphics.

Who needs this?
- For all laptop owners. By default, you're using a weak card, but with this DLL, your powerful card will be utilized, significantly increasing FPS.
- For owners of screens higher than 1080p. There are fixes in the DLL that allow you to properly stretch the screen to your resolution without serious problems. (please contact me via discord (anacondaq), because right now i do not have 4k display, but i did a week ago tests on 2k resolution, and it was working amazing)
- For experimenters who want to try various improvements, etc.

What is ReShade used for?
Detailed information is described on the website via the link above.
In short, you can substantially upgrade the graphics in RO using various filters that work in conjunction with DirectX (anacondaq.dll).

What are the limitations?
- It probably won't work with Gepard.
- There might be crashes.
- Install at your own risk; I am not responsible.
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Looks nice and looking forward to trying this when I get my new 3k laptop. Has anyone else used it yet?


I tried it on my desktop with GTX 1060 with offline RO.
No errors, it just doesn't open my client after putting the files and configuring opensetup.exe.


I recently got an ASUS Zenbook Duo (2024) with Intel Core Ultra 9, 3x screen resolution. Without this tool, RO is extremely laggy for some reason, so it's nice this file makes it playable. However, it seems the client crashes every time when attempting to change maps (tested on 2 existing servers). It also sometimes crashes when trying to load a map after selecting a character in the char select screen. It doesn't crash on a certain test server I've set up in the past though, so it might have something to do with the specific client version. edit: looks like the crashing issue suddenly disappeared, so now it works great...except screenshots are all black, except the server logo at the bottom right is still present.
edit 2: Actually it occurs again now. Investigating...

One thing I noticed with the test server (working) client is every time I click, there's a slight lag. In all 3 clients (working and non-working), whenever I change map, @refresh or use a fly wing/teleport, the fade out is much faster than usual. Not sure if that relates to the crash.


Tested on a laptop with a discrete and integrated gpu. it does work like dgvoodoo but with more features. the only problem is gepard compatibility. gepard have a specific version that is allowed on gepard. I hope this will be supported too.