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Creative Editing: Unlimited View (kinda)

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Unhappy with the default angles and restricted rotation at Cursed Abbey Dungeon (Nameless Island)? How many times have you blindly walked into an ambush simply because your view is limited. This edit will remove the restriction on those maps.

I have decided to split this Creative Editing Series into two parts: Basic Editing and Advance Editing. The solution to this problem is really a simple one - thus the Basic Editing (no point over complicating matters). However, I am not fully satisfied with the results of the Basic Editing and thus, with a few advance manipulations, it can better cater to each individual's needs.

PART I: Basic Editing

1. Download the viewpointtable.txt file from any of the followings:

uploading.com (Mirror 1)
Rapidshare (Mirror 2)

2. About viewpointtable.txt file. I basically extracted the file from sdata.grf (latest as at June 09). And cross out some of the town and dungeon maps. Below is the list of maps crossed out:


Feel free to edit the list of maps in the viewpointtable.txt. Adding "//" in front of the map name will remove the view restrictions while removing "//" will revert the view settings of the map back to its original. Please note that removing the view restriction does not give a player "Unlimited View", it reverts to a default setting much like Prontera Capital - you can zoom in, zoom out (more), rotate 360 degrees and it comes with a more pleasant starting angle.

3. Create the following folder: [The location of the data folder is where you install your RO, it may not necessary be as follow, use your judgment]
C:\Program Files\Ragray\data\

4. Paste the new viewpointtable.txt file into C:\Program Files\Ragray\data\


Before editing with Max Zoom Out - not a lot of zooming and your view is very limited. I dare say it's even less than your normal player's visual field.

After editing with Max Zoom Out - look how much more you can see on your screen. It's worth noting that you still can't see monsters beyond your normal players' visual field of 14 cells.

After editing with 360 degree Rotation. Because you are not meant to have a 360 degree Rotation on this map, some parts of the screen might look weird - "seeing through walls", "unfinished building sprites", etc...

PART II: Advance Editing

How to personalize map views?

1. First add the map, say for example prtg_cas05.rsw (Prontera Castle 5 WOE map) inside the viewpointtable.txt.

2. Then fill in the other fields. Below are my recommendations.

Map Name prtg_cas05.rsw
Range 200
Scope 600
Rang_IN 450
rotationFrom -360
rotationTo 360
rotation_IN 0
altitudeFrom -15
altitudeTo -65
altitude_IN -50

Basically rotationFrom -360 to 360 allows you to spin the map 360 degrees. Altitude is the min/max angle. While Range and Scope influences the min/max zoom. Remember to include a "#" after each data.


Before editing- a Limited View in the Emperium Room

After editing - a bigger picture.

4. Thus, instead of just crossing out the name of the maps with "//" as illustrated under Basic Editing, you can just edit the numbers in the respective fields to suit your own liking.

What about indoor map views?
1. Create a blank txt document and name it indoorrswtable.txt. Open it and write some stuff in it beginning with "//". Then, save it under C:\Program Files\Ragray\data\

2. That should overwrite the default limitation of ALL indoor view. A screenshot showing 360 degrees rotations and more view freedom inside buildings.

3. If you decide to only edit a few indoor maps, just cross out the respective indoor map name in the indoorrswtable.txt. [Similar to editing viewpointtable.txt as shown under Basic Editing]

1. Is there an easier way?
Yes. Just create a blank txt document and name it viewpointtable.txt. Open it and write some stuff in it beginning with "//". Then, save it under C:\Program Files\Ragray\data\

2. What if your server have their own version of viewpointtable.txt?
You should always use the server copy instead of sdata.grf. Just extract it from your custom server's grf and edit it accordingly.

Click here

Please check with your server if you are allowed to edit the client side. Some servers prohibit that.

I'd like to add my viewpointtable.txt to this thread

it basically has all the .rsw# maps which are in the grf of ep 12 + bleu's settings
Range 200
Scope 600
Rang_IN 450
rotationFrom -360
rotationTo 360
rotation_IN 0
altitudeFrom -15
altitudeTo -65
altitude_IN -50


I love zooming out <3 Thank you!

Thanks. I've always wondered how to edit these things.

Sorry for the necro-bump, but I've been having one tiny issue ever since I've used this edit.  While now I have normal view in every map, when I double right-click, it doesn't return the view back to the default, normal view anymore.  This is a problem for me in WoE, among other things lol.  Is there a way to specify the double right clicking to be back to normal with this edit?
Posted on: September 07, 2009, 16:55:00Bump again, would really appreciate any help with this.  Thanks.  :P


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