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Started by bleu, Mar 12, 2009, 07:11 PM

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Ever had an experience when you did not realize a card had drop? If you accidentally picked it up (that's not all bad); but what if you did not pick it up and just left it there among other useless drops (that's just bad luck if it's a decent card).

This is a step-by-step guide on sprite editing. I will attempt to Super Size the sprite of cards.

1. Download and install the necessary programs below.

Download Free RAR Extract Frog

2. Download the Super Size Card sprite from RUNE

Create the following folder:
C:\Program Files\Ragray\data\sprite\¾ÆÀÌÅÛ\

4. Copy the file À̸§¾ø´ÂÄ«µå.spr and paste it in the newly created folder.

5.  FINITO! Just load RO, and find a card. It should be Super Sized on your screen only.

Click here

Please check with your server if you are allowed to edit the client side. Some servers prohibit that.


That helps into the large AoE'd mobs, thank you.


I remade the big card Megami made, to a more high res, better looking one!

You can download it  here.

Same way as bleu told you in his first post, and all you do is change out the file.

Enjoy, if you like things looking better.




Try silverstream's, 3 post in this thread.


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Quote from: Mizuari on Feb 18, 2010, 05:44 AM
OMG!? What a card... SO BIG

.... This really makes me want to make a brown version of it. =\

Aiko F

Lololol... It looks like not a card anymore... hha.. it looks like a photo...

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this is absurd
how am i supposed to fit one of those cards into my glasses?

looks nice


I love this one.. =) but i think the link is broken..


Is there anyone still keeping the file À̸§¾ø´ÂÄ«µå.spr for super size card? If yes, please upload it and send me the link please! The 2 links above are both broken :(