Creative Editing: Simplified Effects (Wiz)

Started by bleu, Jul 08, 2009, 12:26 PM

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Ever wanted a less complex version of Storm Gust where you can actually see something instead of just a white screen. Ever wanted to prevent your screen from shaking in the presence of Meteor Storm and Lord of Vermillion. Doing them all without having to completely turn off /effect and risking not being able to see Safety Wall, Pneuma, enemy stalker's foot prints, etc. Simplified effects also helps your computer to run smoother especially when there's lots of skill spamming and effects going on especially during an intense WOE.

1. Download and install the necessary programs below:

Download Free RAR Extract Frog

2. Download the simplified effects from any of the followings: (Mirror 1)
Rapidshare (Mirror 2)

Storm Gust
storm gust.str

Meteor Storm

Lord of Vermillion

3. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the data folder is in the same directory as your RO
Create the following folder:

4. Copy the extracted files and paste them in the newly created folder.

5. FINITO! Just load RO and enjoy the simplified effects for Storm Gust, Meteor Storm and Lord of Vermillion. Please note that these changes will affect your screen only and other players will not be affected by them.

Simplified Storm Gust without snow

Simplified Meteor Storm without screen shaking effects

Simplified Lord of Vermillion without screen shaking effects

Click here

Please check with your server if you are allowed to edit the client side. Some servers prohibit that.

**Credits to Eleanoa


Pretty nice and all, but don't you think you edited out a bit too much on the storm gust?


I think that is just an example. I see that all replacement effects are used ingame so I suppose you could extract some other from client and replace.


Hello, I need to know which files that define the sprites of the following skills:

A Poem of Bragi
Acid Demonstration
Heaven's Drive
Others who make the screen flicker
Links (in character)
Assumption (in character)
Chase Walk

Grateful, sorry for my bad english.


Simply amazing. This is very neat. Though I wonder, If this could edit out Champ's Fury skill? It's really annoying if people spam it.  :(


i agree with the champ's fury. There must be a way of removing the shake effect :)


No promises. Let me see what I can do about that "Fury".

But I do have an anti shake from Hammer Fall; a Blacksmith skill.


Is it possible that you can upload a file that only stop the shaking of the screen and all other effects stay the same?
Oh can you simplify jupiter thunder? maybe make a smaller ball of thunder so that you can still see your health bar while being jupiter thundered, quite annoying not to be able to see your health bar. Is there like a guide on how you simplify these effects?

Keep up the good work =)


Awesome. Helped me a lot to kill those annoying SG spammers  >:(


It really works, but you should fix something. Just a typo
Quote from: bleu on Jul 08, 2009, 12:26 PM
Create the following folder:

If i'm not wrong, the folder's name its "effect", not effects.

Good luck, and keep writing guides like this. I just love them :D

Oh, and try to add a mediafire mirror. Modem users aren't able to download from rapidshare or at least from where i live D:

And so you killed yourself,
but you killed everyone else around you too.

Kai Vera

Perfect! Many thanks and +100500 into your karma.

May I ask you some questions?
1) What software did you use to edit *.str files?
2) Coul you please remove shaking from AD and Fury too?


Thank You Sir :)

I hope there will be more simplified Effect skills :)


Hi, can i ask a question? How can I edit frozen and stone status? I want to make them more visible.
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yeah good idea is there any good effect or status on Frozen?


I want to make my own ones, but i dont know which files have i to edit (maybe str files, maybe some other ones).
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do you know how to do the same with other skills like fury, heavens drive and others?