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Author Topic: Creative Editing: Map Transformation (Part 1)  (Read 7438 times)

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Creative Editing: Map Transformation (Part 1)
« on: Oct 26, 2009, 06:43 am »
I've been leveling at Thor Volcano recently and I always get killed by a camouflaged Guardian, who is lurking behind a "pillar" waiting patiently for his next victim. It's possible to change the monster sprite as explained in a previous guide (Creative Editing: Most Valuable Player), however Guardians are 3D models so there is a very limited selection available. Instead, I decided to modify the terrain making it easier to spot Guardians at Thor Volcano.

What I did? Turn the rock pillars into a red blood crystals. Tone down the color of the floor intensifying the contrast between the Guardian.

1. Download the following program.
Download Free RAR Extract Frog

2. Download the MapTransform_Thor.rar from the following:
Rapidshare (Mirror 1)

3. There are two parts to MapTransform_Thor.rar. The first part is the Red Blood Crystal. It's in RSM format. RSM are 3D models. Just make sure that µ¹±âµÕ01.rsm is located in data\model\Å丣ȭ»ê as indicated in the image below.

4. The second part if the dungeon floor. I merely replaced them with a lighter color. Just make sure that those BMP files are located in \data\texture\Çʵå¹Ù´Ú as indicated in the image below.

5. FINITO. Just load RagnarokOnline, and head to Thor Volcano. These edits will affect your screen only. (Other players will continue to see the normal terrain).


1. Why didn't you change the rocks as well on the map?

I omitted to edit other rocks on the map because in Thor Volcano Base Quest, you are required to find three "Hot Spots". Editing the rocks will make finding these "Hot Spots" more difficult. On Thor Volcano dungeon level 2, there is stairs made of rocks leading to Little Curdie NPC. Changing the rsm of other rocks on that map will also make it harder to find the portal leading to Little Curdie NPC.

2. Why is the dungeon floor pinkish while the 5 BMP files are white/bluish?

There is a natural red tint on that map.

3. How did you identify the rock pillar to be µ¹±âµÕ01.rsm? And where did you find the Red Blood Crystal?

I used Ragcam written by Ender to identify the rock pillar. The Red Blood Crystal came from Nidhogg's Dungeon (Episode 13.2: Encounter Against the Unknown). More information about Ragcam will be made available in the next Creative Editing: Map Transformation series.

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Please check with your server if you are allowed to edit the client side. Some servers prohibit that.
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Re: Creative Editing: Map Transformation (Part 1)
« Reply #1 on: Nov 30, 2009, 04:04 am »
I Love it ^^,

THank you for the terrain very nice :) easier to kill Kasa's now :) and avoid Guardians

Hope more to come from you bleu
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