How to break Emperium under 10 seconds

Started by Kolby, Aug 03, 2014, 02:58 AM

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On a server with max lvl 255... It's kinda a shame it took you so long to break it :P
Did the server upgrade emperium defense/hp perhaps?
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Is that 5m hp of emperium  /? /? /? or ?? only 500k?


Wouldn't Magnum Break override Cursed Water with it's fire property enchantment? I noticed a drop in damage after TG card casted magnum. TG really isn't best for breaking in my honest opinion.

But nice build  /ok though I've seen faster break but maybe your emperium got buffed.


Yea AK > TG for emp breaker I would switch TG's out for Orc Skeleton cards to avoid the 20% fire prop and magnum break interrupting the aspd. The orcish axe's attack is nice, however axe's take a significant loss in aspd as well. Personally I use Sandstorm[4] dagger and an Icepick for 2 handed builds but that's just tip for tap on a lvl 255 server.


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and the build is terrible, using non dagger in main hand disables double attack passive, l2p before posting garbage guides  /ok