[Non-Renewal] Elemental resist

Started by Mischiefing, May 18, 2014, 04:22 AM

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Super high rate [Pre-Renewal].     Posted on the wrong section.... Sorry

Undead scroll
main 4 elemental resist (Can only use 1 pot)
All item only have [1] slot except satyr[2] and some has no slot

-HG [1] each, we have satyr helm [2]    So its 3 slots for HG, if u're using Satyr its 4
-S.Tunic 20% to all except water and neutral
-Armor [1], if u're using S.tunic[0]
-Valkyrie shield[1] 20% to water and fire, and other 2 elements i forgot
-Shield [1]
-Acc[1] Megs[0] ROFL RORS[0]
-We have this item that reduce Magic damage by 20% and reduce demi-human damage by 20% (The magic stacks with GTB)
-Asprika[0] 30% to all elements

-Tatacho is 20% to earth instead of neutral
-GTB is 60% instead of nullifying all magic

My question:
-How to get 4 elemental resist for trans class Star glad, Gunslinger, and ninja
-How to get 4 elemental resist (For trans or non-trans) but, with MayaC+Stone curse resist
-Long-range resistance decreases magic dmg? does it stack with GTB? (I guess no?)


Asprika script is the old one screwed or the fixed one? The screwed one is -30% to all, the fixed one is -30% to melee.
Long range decreases any range dmg aka magic too.


Idk about melee damage, i have never tried it with melee damage, lets say it works with melee too


The problem isn't that it works with melee, is if it doesn't work with anything else aside melee. Have you ever used an asprika? It has an huge disadvantage when it's the real version because it ignores everything that is magic and non-close-range physical damage.

If it's the "wrong script" version, pre-fix, you've pretty much -70% to some elements just by using Asprika+vshield+that -20% armor which transforms to, at least, 2 immunities with some -10% cards at headgears and an elemental pot.


yup i think its the wrong version


Then you can make what I told.

Asprika = -30% all
Vshield = -20% fire/water/shadow [nobody cares about undead]
S.Tunic = -20% to all except neutral/water
And you've:
◙ -70% to fire/earth/shadow
◙ -50% most of the other elements like water/holy/ghost/wind

Now it pretty much reduces to what you can use there as non-trans - ROFLs, Waterdrop broochs, tidals, -10% elemental headgear cards[leib olmai, leaf cat, giant hornet], -15% elemental headgear cards[permeter and giearths] and elemental proof pots.

You probably can end easy with anti-fire and anti-earth with fireproof pot, 2 giearths and 1 leib olmai cards but water will probably hurt a bit since it's reduced to 35% instead of 50% because of the +15% elemental dmg from fireproof pot to the water element.

If you can use ROFLs at non-trans, the pot isn't needed and you probably can get also get anti-water with the use of aqua elemental and waterproof pot but wind will hurt a bit more, don't forget that.

If you don't need the anti-fire or anti-earth, just use leaf cats for the anti-water and you've shield slot free. Wind works pretty much the same way as water but with Giant Hornets and windproof pot. Shadow and Holy is just armor swap unless you want to use permeters at the headgear slots.

Don't forget that you will also end frozen going this way which, in my oppinion, sucks since when you can't do nothing, you're just junk around.


He have access to Undead Scroll (-20% Fire Water Wind Earth) so :

Aesprika -30 to all
Undead Scroll -20 Fire Water Wind Earth
Valk Shield -20 Fire Water Shadow
Spiritual Tunic -20 Fire Wind Earth and few other
2 Glorious Ring -20 Fire Water Wind Earth

-110 Fire , -90 Wind Water Earth , -70 Shadow

Put 2 Permeter for headgear. With Holy Scroll u can reduce other element while not worrying cursed water user. The other 2 slot can be used to put gemini (or leaf cat+giant hornet) so you get freeze and sc immune. Dont get Maya but GTB instead so your scroll wont get dispelled.