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Author Topic: [guide] Easy Way To Make Your Own Guild Emblem!, For those who can't handle Phot  (Read 25371 times)

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Offline SinX7

This is a good guide on how to make a emblem without PS (Photoshop)

I've had alot of questions before about this in the past.
So decided to make a Guide, to make it easier for our players!

(It's mostly screenshot based, so take a seat, and listen carefully)


Step 1: We are going to use Paint. So I'd suggest you to open paint. (Start ->Paint).
Step 2: After that, Try to find an background from an Already existing Image, go to the Upper-left corner: File>Open>(Select desired image)

for those who don't have one yet: simply open Internet Explorer > type in the adress Bar: www.Google.nl > Select "Images" > Type for example "Anime", And you'll get results. Found a good one with a nice Background? Use "Print screen", Or "save as"Then do exactly like I did above. Open it in paint.

Step 3: Yay! It's opend now. Take a good look at the Image, and "Cut" your desired piece, Here we go:

I marked the point I'm going to use. Important: Don't pick a too big part. Remember emblems need to be 24x24
Let's go to the next Step!

Step 4: Open a new Paint document. No need to save the current one. Just make sure you Cutted or Copied the part you wanted.
Ok. Now "paste" it in the new Paint file! time to make it 24x24! (Tip: Use the magnificer at your tool section, Left. This allows you to zoom in)

See the 8 blue dots, around your image? You'll probably know yourself what to do with that. Resize it, by pressing the Dot in the right corner.
Make it 24x24, like I did in the image above.

Step 5: Done with that? Select this collor below, Important: It's not really nessesary to open a new Document. Just click it, DON'T DO ANYTHING YET!

Step 6: At this point it's time to use your fantasy.. I guess a block emblem isn't your wish, so make use of the purple color, Like I did:
Ok, let's reform your Emblem, take a look, and read this:

(This is merely an example, and isn't really nice in my opinion)

Tip: The Purple color is Transparant, (transparant is the invisable part) adding white, in the hope it'll dissepear when you upload your emblem, won't help I'm affraid. So the parts wich you want to remove: make it Purple, not white.

Ok. we're done now. The last few things I'm going to say are only Extra's.
Like Creating diffrent forms, adding Letters and changing colors, so stay here if your intressed  ;D

1 - Other Forms: It's the best to do this while you zoomed in. Here: The right one is zoomed in, Left one (24x24) is normal size:

1 - Adding letters: It's easy. Atleast if you'll use the magnificer, first zoom in and write your desired word, zoom out and check if you like it.

Example: (These one's are abit fuzzy, because I forgot to save them in 24-bits, anyhow that's not really important now)

See? happy.gif
Well, I think that we are done now. Hopefully I helped some of you out, by making this.
If you are building a computer and/or need help, just give me a PM and Ill be glad to help you!
Quit RO and came back :D


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CooOL guiLd XD

Offline Wagni-Chan

Hmm.. Is that the only way?

Offline Tom~

No. You can make emblems using any image editor, like PS, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, etc.
There's a PS guide somewhere on the forum.

And so you killed yourself,
but you killed everyone else around you too.

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not good at signature so this just basic typical one

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thnx for that :D

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never thought of doing it this way, I'll definitely try it n_n