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Author Topic: [Guide] Begineers Star Gladiator Build (MVP)  (Read 87822 times)

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[Guide] Begineers Star Gladiator Build (MVP)
« on: Dec 28, 2009, 11:18 am »
This build focuses in a big party. Star Gladiator is a job MADE FOR Party. So, keep this in mind after reading this guide (specialy because the lack of VIT).

STATS (Lvl. 99 / 50)
STR 97+33
INT 14+10
AGI 1+24
DEX 66+16
VIT 10+0
LUK 66+0

Note: Including Blessing y Agi.

+10 Book/Elemental Book [2x Abyss - 1x Elemental / Racial].
+7 Magni's Cap.
+7 Odin's Blessing [Pest / Demon Pungus / Peco Peco / Any card].
+7 Stone Buckler [Hodremlin / Alice / Racial Reduction / Any card].
+4/+7 Skin of Ventus [Raydric / any card].
+7 Shackles.
Bloodied Shackle Ball.
Ring [Mantis].
Sunglasses [Vanberk].
Gangster Scarf / Anything.

Shield can have a Hodremlin Card for normal MvP, and in this way you have an all around Shield. If you want, you can have Racial Stone Bucklers and switch them depending of the MvP. If the MvP have MvP or Miniboss summons (for example Satan) Stone Buckler with Alice Card is your best choice.
Armor depends basically on MvP Summons. If the MvP have normal summons, you can use any card in order to stop it (for example Sasquatch, Demon Pungus, Pest). If the MvP summon is Miniboss, this cards have no effect, so is a better choice if you give an element to your armor, (for example Dokebi, Pasana, etcetera) or a Peco Peco for an all around Armor.
Keep in mind that this is only an example of MvP Build.

Taekwon Kid:
Runnning Lvl. 10.
Whirlwind Kick Lvl. 7.
Prepare Whirlwind Kick Lvl. 1.
Flying Side Kick Lvl. 7.
Break Fall Lvl. 1.
Paceful Rest Lvl. 5.
Enjoyable Rest Lvl. 5.
Fighting Chant Lvl. 5.
Warm Wind Lvl. 7.
High Jump Lvl. 1(+4).

Star Gladiator:
Feeling of the Sun, Moon and Stars Lvl. 3.
Warmth of the Sun Lvl. 3.
Warmth of the Moon Lvl. 3.
Warmth of the Stars Lvl. 3.
Comfort of the Sun Lvl. 3.
Comfort of the Moon Lvl. 4.
Comfort of the Stars Lvl. 4.
Hatred of the Sun, Moon and Stars Lvl. 3.
Anger of the Sun Lvl. 3.
Anger of the Moon Lvl. 3.
Anger of the Stars Lvl. 3.
Knowledge of the Sun, Moon and Stars Lvl. 9.
Union of the Sun, Moon and Stars Lvl. 1.

Note: I used 4 Skill Points from Star Gladiator in High Jump.


Running: This Skill can help you A LOT while leveling, because it's give you +10 de STR if you are not wearing a weapon In addition this skill can help you in order to maximize damage from your Kicks.

Prepare Whirlwind Kick / Whirlwind Kick: I chose this kick because it can do area damage, so it's really useful. While you are killing some MvP you can be kicking it too , so an area kick is maybe the best kick for you (it will deal damage not only to the MvP, also to it's summons). If you don't like this kick, you can include any other kick in this build, but only ONE kick is included in this build.

Flying Side Kick: It's included in this build not only because Break Fall. It's included because this kick let you go closer to MvP in an easy way. In addition, this skill can help you if you need to escape from it by kicking near monsters.

Break Fall: Evasive Skill and really useful. Is a MUST in ANY Taekwon Class Build.

Paceful Rest / Enjoyable Rest: Not really useful. It's there because it's needed for a better skill.

Fighting Chant: A MUST. Let's you have Warm Wind and improves Warmth damage depending of the size of the party (more members, more damage). This is the REAL reason why Star Gladiators are MADE FOR PARTY.

Warm Wind: ANOTHER MUST. It's endow your book with any element. The element that you are gonna use depends of the MvP.

High Jump: Useful skill. Helps you a lot when looking for some MvP by letting you jump cliffs or walls. Can also be useful in order to escape from monsters.

Feeling of the Sun, Moon and Stars: Design a map as map of the Sun, Moon or Stars (Lvl.1: Sun / Lvl.2: Moon / Lvl.3: Stars). You can only have one of each "Map of" (one "Map of the Sun", one "Map of the Moon" and one "Map of Stars"). It's really important to know which MvP are gonna kill cause each Warmth can only be used in it's map (for example, Warmth of Sun will be only usable in Map of Sun).

Warmth of Sun / Moon / Stars: This skill can be used ANY day, but only in it's map. Example: Warmth of the Sun will be only usable in the "Map of the Sun". It's the real source of damage, it's what will kill the MvP.

Comfort of the Sun: Grants DEF (VIT DEF) bonus. You can only used in "Map of the Sun" at "Day of the Sun". This skill is not at Level 4 because it really don't worth it.

Comfort of the Moon: Same limitation than Confort of the Sun, only usable in "Map of the Moon" at "Day of the Moon". It grants a Flee Bonus.

Comfort of the Stars: Same limitations tha the others Comforts but it grants an ASPD Bonus.

Hatred of the Sun, Moon and Stars: This skill let you mark a mob (have some limitations not explained here).

Anger of the Sun / Moon / Stars: This skill grants a damage bonus (LUK and DEX based) to monsters marked. This way is the best in order to improve your Wrath damage.

Knowledge of the Sun, Moon and Stars: Grant a Weight Limit bonus in your maps when you LOGIN IN IT. This is really useful (keep in mind that you will need a LOT of SP items).

Union of the Sun, Moon and Stars: Only usable while Linked. Makes you Fly and grants a Movement Speed bonus. In addition, your damage will ignore DEF and will never miss, BUT every time you hit you will lose 2% HP.


Warmth deals damage and pushes monster 2 cells back. This happens if the monster is a NORMAL monster. Everybody knows that MvP cannot been pushed back, so this skill will deal damage constantly. This means that MvP will be hit by your warmth once every 0.1 segundos (190 ASPD). This means, if the Warmth deals 4k damage, MvP will recieve 40k damage per second.
Beacause you only can have one of each map, you must be wise and choice correctly your maps and you must mark the MvP in order to maximize your damage dealt to it. For example, if you decide to kill Valkyrias, the map where they spam must be marked as "Map of the Stars" and Valkyries must be marked as "Target of the Stars" (because they are Large Size).
In other words, your Star Gladiator will be specialy useful to kill only ONE MvP per size (this doesn't mean that it can't kill any other MvP, it means that you will be really powerful against ONE Small Sized MvP, ONE Medium Sized MvP and ONE Large Sized MvP). There are only 4 Large Sized MvP that really worth to kill using a Star Gladiator: Ifrit, Satan Morroc, Beelzebub and Valkyrie.
Maybe the best options for "Map of the Sun" are Odin_Tem03 because of Skeggiold (Odin's Blessing, Rune of Darkness, Divine Cross, Soft Feather, Card), Mjolnir_04 because of Mistress (OCA, Young Twig, Card) and Abbey03 because of Bedlzebub (while it's a bee, it's Small Size, obviusly this means that that map will be also marked as "Map of Stars", beacuse when it uses Metamorphosis it becomes Large Size).
Star Gladiators are not the best MvP soloer, keep that in mind. This Job is REALLY GREAT in BIG Parties, where Fighting Chant can improve your ATK REALLY A LOT and where your SP cosumption and resistence are easier because of Devotion, Heal and Soul Change, for example.

This is the end of this guide. Sorry, as you can see, my English is not what it used to be. It's there's something that it's not REALLY clear, make me know and i'll try to rewrite it and correct it. In the Post below you can see a copy of the original guide in Spanish, this is only a translition where I try to simplify and only explain the things taht are REALLY important and Basics of Star Gladiators. The Spanish Guide, becauses it's the original is a bit (only A BIT) deeper in the Skills Explanation and Concpet. If you want and know spanish, you can read it here: http://www.ratemyserver.net/forum/job-discussion/star-gladiator-statsitem/msg93291/#new


Author Note: This guide is 100% developed by me. It's Right to Copy, but say ALWAYS who is the real owner of it, because it takes me a lot of time to write it in Spanish and to translate it to English.
Ask if you want spanish version and sorry for my bad english T_T


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Re: [Guide] Begineers Star Gladiator Build (MVP)
« Reply #1 on: Feb 19, 2010, 12:23 pm »
Wow nice guide you have there.  ;)

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Re: [Guide] Begineers Star Gladiator Build (MVP)
« Reply #2 on: Apr 02, 2010, 06:52 am »
Great guide u have here. A class that is always overlooked.