Whats Your Favorite Class?

Started by Artariko, Mar 08, 2008, 01:17 PM

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Whats Your Favorite/best class for you?

Soul Linker
Star Gladiator
Assassin Cross / Guillotine Cross
Stalker / Shadow Chaser
Lord Knight / Rune Knight
Paladin / Royal Guard
High Priest / Arch Bishop
Champion / Shura
Sniper / Ranger
Clown / Minstrel | Gypsy / Wanderer
Whitesmith / Mechanic
High Wizard / Warlock
Professor / Sorcerer
Creator / Genetic
Novice / Super Novice


Heh Long List.....Choose your favorite class or your best class! and leave your opinion here ^_^ ;D or just chat about the different classes!

[2011-06-09] Added 3rd job names beside trans and made it 2 choices max.
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High wiz. I just like mages. I love seeing mobs take 9k dmg + and the not being able to retaliate due to status effects. I especially like making a fast cast build and then sending him to pvp to show those who don't believe wiz's can be good for pvp. :P


mines novice =P
cause there cute and can play dead

mmmm my other favs would be..........

cause i love the flee and the cloak...

cause i love lif homuns... and i love making pots =P


i like paladins or priests as i like to be a pain in the donkey to kill :)

Shades of Black

I like scholars/professors.  Its a very versatile class with a wide variety of skills and builds.  They can also be quite powerful when paired with a soul linker.

Ansuz Isaz

Professor! =D The ultimate strategy character, and the most flexible out of any character in the game.

Defensive: A well played Professor is damn near impossible to kill if they're well prepared. They can basically design their own GTB from skills, between Magic rod taking care of single-target spells, and Land Protection against AoE spells. They also have Spell Breaker, which stopped anything with a cast time. It's not too handy in high rates where Instant cast is easily achieved, but it's awesome in lower rates. In terms of offensive attacks, they have Safety Wall, and if they wear an elemental armor, they can endow their opponent to have that element, essentially nullifying damage. When it comes to battling anyone, using the Wall of Fog is amazing to dodge and reduce damage. This is also your biggest defense against Snipers that you can get. Your Energy Coat helps even further cushion any blow you might receive.

Support: Any Professor who plays full support, to me, is wasting too much of their character. D= However, they're pretty useful for it. Their endows save a lot of money and weight limit for your team mates and party members, and it allows you to constantly change it for them as you notice changes that they might be too busy attacking to notice. You can also use floor enhancements, which, while generally ignored, are actually handy. Especially Deluge. Find a good High Wizard, and the two of you will be a pain in everyone's donkey.

Trouble Maker: Your endows can actually act as a trouble makings kill - something that makes it harder for the character to do what it needs to do. If you think someone is about to use a fire endowed strike on one of your team members who as ED, change it to Earth to get rid of the fire. Not to mention Dispell, the single most irritating skill to be used against any character in the game, and the sole reason, it seems, why everyone aims at killing our sexiness the instant they see us. [ Which can be useful, as some people are so desperate to kill us quickly, they don't realize the two or three LKs and Paladins standing around you. xD ] The ability to dispose of all their SP is also full of sex and awesome.

Magic User: Pretty self explanatory. They have the strongest combo attack in the game. [ Spider Web + Stone Curse + Mind Breaker + Double Cast + Fire Bolt = One hell of a hit. However, this really isn't recommended against your fellow magic users, just in case they come out of this alive at take advantage of the super-charged magic power they now have. ] They also have the more typical attacks, and are just a general pain. Most intelligent Profs before to freeze or Spider Web their opponents before attacking, so constantly being frozen or trapped is a real irritation.

Melee User: All right, I have never actually seen anyone use this against other classes, but... Well, there aren't many characters than can do both magic and melee. =D Being a Battle Prof is one of the most entertaining ways to level yourself up.

Marketeer: This might confuse a lot of people. xD Especially on higher populated, semi-lower rated servers, endow scrolls are awesome and in high demand, due to the sheer lack of Professor players.Thus, you can rake in a fair amount of zeny playing on this fact and making yourself a scroll writer.

... Their versatility is awesome. =D Next in line for me would either be High Priests, or Soul Linkers if the server are one of those that allow us to use our magic in PVP, too.


I dont think you can  endow your Enemy's anymore

Ansuz Isaz

Oh? oO It's worked in every server I've ever been in, so that's kind of odd.


now u need to be in the party with the person u endow for it to work


pack that sheet!


Did  know u can see the Female Sin X's butt  when they sit >.>....sorry had to get that out ^_^;;;
The rich wage war, but its the poor who die.


SinX - they can have high aspd , with edp they can have enormous atk thats good during WoE hours ,and they look hot with their scarfs :P
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I think I'd play Sage/Prof if they didn't look like that.

In the end, I always keep coming back to the Knight.


lol u guys are such pervs~ =P


Ninja! (Ninpou)

Cheap,Fun,Easy leveling and Cute