Whats Your Favorite Class?

Started by Artariko, Mar 08, 2008, 01:17 PM

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Whats Your Favorite/best class for you?

Soul Linker
Star Gladiator
Assassin Cross / Guillotine Cross
Stalker / Shadow Chaser
Lord Knight / Rune Knight
Paladin / Royal Guard
High Priest / Arch Bishop
Champion / Shura
Sniper / Ranger
Clown / Minstrel | Gypsy / Wanderer
Whitesmith / Mechanic
High Wizard / Warlock
Professor / Sorcerer
Creator / Genetic
Novice / Super Novice


I love playing FS or DLP professor, because I'm petty and love feeling important.

I also love troll Stalker builds like Throw Zeny.
It allows me to be tanky enough to survive most Asuras while throwing my guild's money away.


The Stalker class is easily one of the best classes in the game. One of the most versatile class in terms of skill pool.

It's also my favourite class because I've been unbeaten in pvp for the past 7 years
2k21 Return


I chose stalker. It is the most versatile class in the game. It is fun to test builds using a stalker.

Ron Henley


SUMMONER - DORAM - CAT is the best job for me!

but they nerf the bragi in the server that currently playing today novaro
if you cant bargain. then shut them down


I have 3 in order:
RK > current server  /kis
LK > first private server  /lv
Knight >  official server  /no1


I like pre-renewal and partying, so I found Priest being the best job for me as it's easiest to find and organize parties if you have this class.


pre re....

autocast agi/flee sage is a cheap build... good in servers without warps in higher level dungeons

grimtooth all over the place, and lure gemini for sage stones to priest... i hear you can asura these..


prof and oboro