Whats Your Favorite Class?

Started by Artariko, Mar 08, 2008, 01:17 PM

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Whats Your Favorite/best class for you?

Soul Linker
Star Gladiator
Assassin Cross / Guillotine Cross
Stalker / Shadow Chaser
Lord Knight / Rune Knight
Paladin / Royal Guard
High Priest / Arch Bishop
Champion / Shura
Sniper / Ranger
Clown / Minstrel | Gypsy / Wanderer
Whitesmith / Mechanic
High Wizard / Warlock
Professor / Sorcerer
Creator / Genetic
Novice / Super Novice


professor, i've played it forever because it has such a high skill cap and is so versatile.


Assassin Cross because I can go Pew Pew Pew with SBK


Assassin Cross - looks scary


Assassin for pvp
Lord knight for Pve


The first class I ever played seriously was a hunter going sniper. But my guilty pleasure are acolyte types. I always said it's a hassle and boring, but I find myself playing it for fun mostly (two priests, about 3 acolytes, a high priest, monk, champion, and perma-aco, all in a lowrate wtf). I like using it for offense more than support though, so there goes it.

Kiyoshi Visser

High Wizard, Professor, Gypsy.



Novice, since that's where we all start off of.


I like all of them to be honest. Every character has that unique feel, you know?

I really like playing High Priests in PvM. It's fun supporting other players.

For PvP purposes I'd have to say I like Lord Knight and Assassin Cross the most.

Generally when I start out on a new server I roll out a Priest and Hunter first as they seem to be extremely cost efficient.


Ultimately arch bishop or HP, WOE/MVP/whatever, favorite class overall. I enjoy playing stalker/shadow chaser and genetic. There is obviously better classes for different things like woe and etc but why point out what does well versus what you enjoy playing with.


Neku Sakuraba

High Wizard / Warlock / Gypsy / Wanderer.

Damage and annoyance is what makes RO fun.


Genetic. You can make consumables, raise a pet, deal high dmg, carry a crapload of potion and 200% speed all in one class. I prefer just playing Alchemist on classic servers now adays through, trans woe has gotten very boring and renewal doesn't strike me fancy.

Quote from: Neku Sakuraba on Sep 10, 2015, 08:44 PM
High Wizard / Warlock / Gypsy / Wanderer.

Damage and annoyance is what makes RO fun.

lol Genetics are a lot more annoying with the right skills, that or sorc.



Sniper, easy.

Very annoying class against team fights and especially solo fights, which makes it very fun to play. I owned top 1 PvP spot in a ranking filled with champs and sinx.


PVM > HP > simply everyone loves you since u are the source of holy power :)
PVP > Stalker > simply coz u can dodge all attacks .. make people naked .. stop people .. and at the end kill people :)
BG > Crea > cheap (bg supplies) best DMG output also FCP .. really universal char there to play *fast kill barricades
WoE > DEVO Pally > what is better than stay in back spam devo and pot the s*** out of the server while ruining champs asuras with Pressure,Guard,Reflect :)