Whats Your Favorite Class?

Started by Artariko, Mar 08, 2008, 01:17 PM

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Whats Your Favorite/best class for you?

Soul Linker
Star Gladiator
Assassin Cross / Guillotine Cross
Stalker / Shadow Chaser
Lord Knight / Rune Knight
Paladin / Royal Guard
High Priest / Arch Bishop
Champion / Shura
Sniper / Ranger
Clown / Minstrel | Gypsy / Wanderer
Whitesmith / Mechanic
High Wizard / Warlock
Professor / Sorcerer
Creator / Genetic
Novice / Super Novice


So, what's your favourite class?
mine is High Priest  /no1


My two favourite classes are the Assassin and Priest branches.

Assassin is the class I started with, and it's been the class I main on pretty much every server I went to; I find them to be a very versatile class,  and with their high flee and hiding capabilities, very well suited to simply... exploring. Plus, I do love the sound of high-ASPD crits, heheh.

As for Priests... I've usually played alone, but since I found people to play with, I really grew to love this supporting class. I enjoy giving buffs to others and seeing their abilities skyrocket, and I do like to watch out for my friends and make sure they're safe on the battlefield.

Other than those... I am a PvM player mostly, but I do have a huge soft spot for Stalkers and the related classes; not only do their sprites always look super-cute, but they're simply... a lot of fun, with many completely different playstyles available.


Oh man! Only 2 that we can pick? I suppose I'll be a Stalker and Assassin Cross, then. Though, I do love High Priest and Creators as well.

When I first started in iRO I picked Assassin, then Priest to try and main. Eventually I made a Rogue as well of course, but I won't forget those days. I loved running around as my Priestess and I'm sure my best friend eventually got annoyed with me going "So... I just died, come res me? :D"


Oh god I love all the classes, if I had to choose, I would choose stalker and Paladins


I always begin with a Sniper, and then my High Priest for the usual buffs and support. :) For some reason, I have a thing for High Wizards.


I love gypsy.
They're so easy to play, plus they're annoying.



Priest/Super Novice

Priest - my first char. XD I enjoy being the support in all means anyways.

Super Novice- its like all in 1 job lol and I find them cute XD


Quote from: SukiChii on Mar 19, 2013, 11:28 PM
I love gypsy.
They're so easy to play, plus they're annoying.

I'm not annoying when I'm playing gypsy, but I sure know how to break people's hearts /kis2


Lol SinX is soo Overrated, for some reason i dont like it that much.

Soul Linker: Oh my Goodness, this thing is over kill, that Esma turns me on!, plus linking with others make me feel awesome!



1. Paladin/RG - Tank and support are my 2 favorite roles.
2. HP/AB - Mooooore support :)
3. HW/Warlock - Probably the only supporting class I can confidently use
4. Clown/Gypsy/Minstrel/Wanderer - Fun to use, offensive/defensive support with a twist.
5. Professor/Sorcerer - Hands down one of the most versatile classes; Offensive mage/support, defensive support, disabler

My top 5 /lv


If I had to pick I would most definitely say Creator as you get the best of both worlds brewing and ADing, IMO and Stalker due to it's ultimate stealth. Love those the most, always. Out of those TWO, I'd say Stalker. I have always had that as my main choice of character in any server. Oh the good old days mobbing almost all of Niff1 with that..Lol. :]


Paladin- Royal Guard, I just love physical and magical attacks leveling and PVP, I believe they're them best classes


Also forgot Lord Knight-Rune Knight, they can be attackspeed Freak members and powerful melee classes, and also has the most Hp classes in RO


I loved High Priest since I'm more like a support type rather than offense type.
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