Whats Your Favorite Class?

Started by Artariko, Mar 08, 2008, 01:17 PM

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Whats Your Favorite/best class for you?

Soul Linker
Star Gladiator
Assassin Cross / Guillotine Cross
Stalker / Shadow Chaser
Lord Knight / Rune Knight
Paladin / Royal Guard
High Priest / Arch Bishop
Champion / Shura
Sniper / Ranger
Clown / Minstrel | Gypsy / Wanderer
Whitesmith / Mechanic
High Wizard / Warlock
Professor / Sorcerer
Creator / Genetic
Novice / Super Novice


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High Priest. becouse it feels good to help people out =P


I love Pallywins.  They are the shizz.  Every game, I'm always a Paladin.  Something about the righteousness and fighting evil is cool.


Snipers---> They have a sweet bird and can be hybridded like crazy.


Since Star Gladiators are both overpowered and yet incredibly impractical, I'm picking Gunslinger. Everybody goes 'lolz ur week i kil u', walk up to me, and gets a Desperado spree through their chests. Of course, if I get only few hits I'm screwed, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Otherwise, Ninja... Can't touch this! Nananana!
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bleh i hate desperado >.> leeli uses it to mvp valk XDDDD its sooooo funny to watch.....


High Wizard <3 so pretty and deadly in woe with the right player-skills.

Sniper is a close second to me ^_^
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  Yeah you know my fave used to be wordsman, but then i discovered the oh so wonderful world of pwnage and chaos brought on by the sinx.   :-\  They're pretty much the most versatile class :P

Drill Katar w/ Thanatos Valkyrie Randgris and 2 LoD's ftw :D

They can backslide right through aoe's, and stun locks, get up in your face, and pwn your rather stinky buttox :)

sinx ftw...
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Assassin Cross with a Soul Break Build. :P


I'm the only person that has Soul Linker as their fav class... Everyone just uses them without knowing their mysterious powers  8)

Between, Kaite, Kaupe & Kaahi you practically take no damage, when linked you can help your guild & not to mention breaking a defence all by yourself & suiciding on those foolish wizzies. All the times i have dodged a G Fist are countless not to mention those Acid Bomb's.

Then you can help your guild out with various links.

Not your usual killing class but oh so useful if used right.


=3 ya soul linkers are really fun ^^

shame that they have no skills that can actually hurt other players.... if they did that'd be pretty overpowered though XD

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Quote from: SoulPunch on May 15, 2008, 07:43 AM
I'm the only person that has Soul Linker as their fav class...

It's my current fav class as well, though I might come back to Knight once 3rd classes hit the fan since rumor has it RK will be Aspd based and less equipment-dependent.

Also, Soul Linker has best job change, ever.



I don't have any favorite class, it depends on what kind of server I play in. Usually, I'll use prof and sin if its HR with max aspd, or Stalker and Sniper if the server raised the chance to do status ailments  :D

So...err...SinX for me?  :P
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^soul linker as guild leader = sex.
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