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Started by Aeroskye, Jun 27, 2015, 05:40 AM

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Ok so, I me and a couple of my friends are planning on making a guild on a LR and make runs for the emperium. Few details about our server...

1) It's a 700+ population server
2) LR , 3x drop rate with mvp card 1x
3) About 4 guilds have already become huge sharks and have total control over the mvps.
4) No BG gears

Now my question is, is it necessary to have those flashy mvp stuff like Diabolus and Valk sets in order to have a good chance at woe? i do realize we will need stuff such as Brewers and stuff but can we do well for ourselves if we work well as a team with just wool tidal stuff and low end mvp gears?

Also please gimme tips on managing such guilds . We will be working on our woe tactics and stuff for sure. Thanks in advance.


It's not necessary and it's not that big of a difference in my honest opinion, except if they reach stun inmunity in key classes like biochemists, wizards, etc. Then you have a really big problem.

As for the tips, could you tell what kind of roster and woe (first or second) do they play?
Quote from: exii on Jun 27, 2015, 06:07 AM
If you think casting quag is a good idea you or your guild heavily failed to create a viable guild rost.


Roster and WoE? I didn't quiet catch you.

If you're talking about FE or SE....SE is yet to be enable, but soon is going to be. I am sorry if this sounded incredibly lame.


Well, with roster I mean how do they distribute their classes. How many wizards, how many champions. If they ban some classes from their team, if they ask for specific builds on their members' characters, etc.

One thing about FE woe is that it's a bit more difficult to have "extreme" builds (very very weak characters with outstanding offensive power). The reason is that those characters need perma-devo, and with so many portals and the FE defense it's kind of difficult to protect them. But that's a good point for you, those builds/classes need very specific gear in order to not be perma-stun, which is the hard equipment to get (valky armor, dark bacillum, etc).

With a nice planification I don't think you'll have much hard time with them.

Btw, what's that server and where is it from?
Quote from: exii on Jun 27, 2015, 06:07 AM
If you think casting quag is a good idea you or your guild heavily failed to create a viable guild rost.


AevaRO, it's 4 months old. The big guilds are from US, Philippines, Brazil....afaik.

Also, not sure of how strict they're about the classes, but I doubt they ban any from their team. I am sure they must be looking for extreme builds. Also, one of the is holding till SE starts, which will be soon. I might be interested more in SE, than FE.


Most of the top guilds do enjoy farming high tier MVPs, but they also do not like farming stuff like Immortal Hearts and so. Farm theese and trade them for high tier equipment.
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I find it most convenient to develop your tactics yourself. Some people can't adapt at all, so you need to know what everyone likes to do.