[Non-Renewal] Starter job for low rate server

Started by Borel, Mar 02, 2017, 12:14 AM

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Hi guys, my first rms topic ever. I'm going to start in a low rate pre-re server (x5) and I want to ask for your help about what job is a good one to start with. I'm a solo player oriented (i like partys, but also the meditative farming) so i would like a farming char. My only other experience in a server like this was very different because a friend of mine gift me an account with a ready to farm sleepers ws, with an ice pick, which i probably can't obtain by myself in the mid-short time. So what would be a good job to farm with very cheap equip? Thank you for your advices.


One of the first things I do is make a merchant, just for overprice and discount.
That way you can make/save some money.
As for a farming class, I think melee works best (sword/thief).
Maybe a rogue for auto-steal.


For me and perhaps most people will start with archer class, you get easy access in elemental arrow, high hit, good dmg, fast kill. Then you can invest things for perhaps sleeper champ or maybe mavka stalker. And just like SukiCHii said make merchant for selling stuff
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Archer would be a clever job to start off because of low consuming of potions and faster killing. :) Make sure to create a merchant to overcharge and discount items :)