Your saddest moment in RO?

Started by Yuzo, Mar 22, 2015, 01:06 AM

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Seeing Storm Gust stacking High Wizards.

i cri evrytiem.



When I ran out of electricity during a WoE session Hahah  /heh


loosing some trusted friends in game. i played different kind of servers usually from low to mid rate i met different kinds of people and interacted with many players that's why i came across with some people/player that really got closed to me in game then suddenly the server will shut down while me and my friend has no contact with each other outside ragnarok online.

Asuka Connell

Today, when the 1st server I ever loved shut down.


When Deliverance RO shut down and the GM didnt post anything about it for over 3 months. Loved that server
Also when Noob fury RO died. sad days
Also seeing what iRO has turned into. The days of having a classic server are dead.


When they made third jobs.. It divided the community completely.


Quote from: Decist on Mar 26, 2016, 10:15 PM
When they made third jobs.. It divided the community completely.
RIP RO community. miss u baby


when an RO is closed  /ok
or when an owner starts abusing his powers  /sob


When your favorite server dies.

Chu!RO why </3


For me honestly, was the end of pRO. Like srsly, sweat and blood I invested my life on it.


My saddest moment in RO is when you get bond with someone and play with him for days then he ignore you in game and you feel like you have nothing to do in this server.


When you really attached  to a certain server and sadly went down and all of your in-game friends gone too.
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The day they released Renewal.  /sob


I think the saddest moments are on a servers deathbed , just sitting there knowing that its all about to be over. Many people will come back to the server to say their goodbyes.

Server Disconnected


Wasn't a single day but rather the time leading up to it when the close friends I had made slowly began to stop playing. At that point I was playing more to be together with them instead of the game itself.