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Your saddest moment in RO?

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I didn't play this server, but just watching it makes me sad. All the people I played with and servers once vibrant.  /sob

What is the saddest moment for you during your RO playing days?

For me, I lost a precious card I had worked so hard for due to a storage bug.

Has to be when the server announce that its live have to end.

Other than that, watch my friend(s) said quit and the item give-away after ;( doesn't make me feel happy to gain what is left from a friend.

Azure Knight:
When the first server I ever played on shut down.
Supposedly they got a C&D.

When a good friend in game suddenly gone without saying anything and never on anymore. Well that was sad because back then we had no social media to stay in touch

Hearing that a player had a terminal disease that would end with her life in 1 year.


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