When did you start playing Ragnarok Online?

Started by yC, Mar 11, 2012, 10:52 PM

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When did you start playing Ragnarok Online?  Be it Official or Private.

2000 or before
2015 or after


Started playing since 2004. I was still at 4th grade in elementary school back then lol, and i still do til now. Good 16 years.


Somewhere in 2005. I played a Private server of RO called "AeRO" or "Artificial Entertainment Ragnarok Online".

I still remember got scammed by a clever yet evil player. After that, my strength to play starts to dwindle because of that nasty event.

I went around finding the perfect PS, but none can surpass AeRO. I eventually quit RO altogether.

And started playing Aion and Vindictus. I still playing it even today.


wait what before 2003 ? what am I missing ? Was the game not first released in Korea in August 31, 2002  how can you play before that ?

As for me first time was 2004 here in EU on official server.


The running joke for a long time was that RO would never leave alpha, then that it would never leave paid Beta. Believe me, it was in Beta before 2002.

Speaking of guess when this old person started playing? I will give a hint- I chatted with Godporing a few times before she took more English classes.


GodPoring ... she traded me an OBB when I won some PecoPeco racing event.  That must be 2001~2002.


Yeah late 2000 early 2001, it was such a mess.
I remember when they first were discussing clown and stripper, and all the other 2nd jobs. I had a friend that was one of the first if not the first novice to make lvl 70. Back before supernovice existed. Not sure if that madlad made it to 99.

It was almost as bad leveling him as my pure Luk/Dex Blacksmith at the time. T_T

I do remember the announcement when the first person made it to 99, and we all joked that person had no life while also being jealous as hell.