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Your saddest moment in RO?

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Dean Stark:
Seeing the members from my guild, who I was getting closer to, in LegacyRO in 2008 slowly leave while switching to different servers until it was just me who's mostly online in 2009 ending in PhaseRO. A small reunion in 2010 with whatever members we can salvage, reduced to 5-6 including myself.

We barely communicate anymore nowadays and the number of posters in our (mostly dead) forum can be counted by one hand. With single posts taking up weeks to months.

my saddest momment is when my account official RO, have got hacked, because my stupidity self  /sob

Neku Sakuraba:
I've got two:

Waking 3 minutes late before Fallen Bishop spawned. It died and the server announced someone else got the card. Devastating.

My favorite server going down in flames, even after it had a promising rebirth and so much more effort put into it by the community.

I say it's the time when you realized that your all alone hunting and no one wants to talk..

Seeing a good server shut down when you grew to love and accepted it as your new home is always a bad moment and we have to go about looking for a new home. But the saddest moment in RO is when you lose friends whom you trust and had some of the best times with.


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