Your saddest moment in RO?

Started by Yuzo, Mar 22, 2015, 01:06 AM

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Closing of official servers in my country  /sob


When the management of the server decides to close the server. (Private Server)  /sob


Quote from: JOHANN on Jun 04, 2016, 09:32 AM
Wasn't a single day but rather the time leading up to it when the close friends I had made slowly began to stop playing. At that point I was playing more to be together with them instead of the game itself.

Yes.. that =( and when the game is slowly dying... a sadness that keeps going.
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When you finally felt at home on a server, playing with your friends more than the game it self.
Then it decided to shut the server down.  and now,
Im still looking for that new home and to meet new/old friends and remember how I enjoyed playing at that time..


My saddest moment is when there is a big bug ................................................ and the conseqvenses not FIXable :'(


My saddest moment in RO is when the miniboss died and the drop suddenly fell in the other side of warp portal and its beyond my reach huhuhuhuh.
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my saddest moment when our server that we build together, broken because one of GM team biased  /wah

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Sad moment is when i quit servers i play on...


I remember this one time in 2005 when I was playing this official server.
There was a point when I spoke to this girl sprite swordsman in Izlude at like 4pm every day. We ended up having a lot of mutual interests and even downloaded the same stuff of LimeWire.
Things were looking good, and the chemistry was at an all time high.
A couple days after, I was informed that this particular female swordsman sprite that I spoke to on a daily basis, was a 31-year-old Filipino man.
I still get nightmares to this day
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Omg lmao.
Saddest moment was I bought a $15 headgear in a server and it broke going from +4 to +5 using enriched elu.


The closing of a long life span server in which you dedicated a big part of your life ..


Saddest momment when i farming stuff and heard Arsene Wenger is staying at arsenal


It was when the moment I killed an AK then before it died it brandished speared my paladin, ended up dying and saw the AK card dropped right in front of my two eyes. Freaking haunted me for days.


The moment when i joined N**aRO and spent $$ on it.  /wah /sob


when a server gets wiped due to some guild duping gold or some shizz.