Your saddest moment in RO?

Started by Yuzo, Mar 22, 2015, 01:06 AM

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It felt quite sad when I played on the renewal server (I am afraid, I cannot provide its name, because the GMs are too sensitive and cannot tolerate the truth and objective criticism), joined cheat-chat in the main chat, and then called names a lot and without any reason. The GM was online and didn't do anything about it, but only posted some rule about main chat on the forum days later.
Although I read this topic up to the end, and I thought that it was me who had a sad moment in RO, but now I see...
Everything is relative...

GM TruFlip1011

when aero started having problems. it was my 1st real PS. and it sucked cuz i had put in so much time in it and then i just lost hope after rollbacks after rollbacks. i never found another PS that i could enjoy as much as aero.


My saddest story when , lose pvp & lose WoE LOL /pif


When Renewal was implemented.

This is just a personal opinion though. I've played on 4-5 Renewal servers and soon quit due to the messed up mechanics.
It may be caused from me being used to the original concept of RO though. But like I said, personal opinion.


When Yusifer killed Lunchbox RO by being a selfish bastard, making the head GM emoquit. Tom remembers.


Basically when I see people that I love dearly leave the server in search of greener pastures.

It's like as if I'm an immortal person. I meet people, I love them, I create memories- yet in the end they always die at the end of the story, and then I am left hanging like 'What now?'. It's sad when I look at old screenshots and just see how different the server was when they were around. What's even sadder is that I'm still here, still looking for friends, still trying to recreate memories that I know will never be the same.


My saddest momment if WOE have not pro guild member
its to hard give them command and instruction.

and my saddest momment is , killed by P O R I N  G   /pif

FULL RENEWAL | FREE TO PLAY | PLAY TO WIN | | 1000x/1000x | Raid Dungeon | etc

moon hunter

when I stopped playing iRO in 2003, left a hole in my heart I could never fill.

Asuka Connell

When I see good GMs leave their RO jobs, true RL > RO, but it's sad nonetheless. /sob


When all my friends quitting. DAmn, FeelsLonelyMan.


the corruption of passionRO will never be forgotten

i was a GM there at the time, and one of the main funders was a complete corrupt bastard. he would give himself and his guild mates rigged items(+10 refined items, @stats, etc.) i still remember how i got mercilessly lynched for opposing it once i found out about it and how they tried to silence me

and i remember how i came on RMS about it and everyone just called bs on me

bad times


Quote from: kenzou on Nov 07, 2015, 08:28 PM
When all my friends quitting. DAmn, FeelsLonelyMan.

i feel you


Quote from: kenzou on Nov 07, 2015, 08:28 PM
When all my friends quitting. DAmn, FeelsLonelyMan.



When I see a server on its verge of death.

Coochy coochy coo

A once live and active community turned into server populated by vendors. Being separated from your mates not knowing where'd they go.


I have two, when euRO beta ended and I didn't have the money back then to pay monthly for it. And then when EternityRO closed due to database corruption while I still had so much fun playing with my friends on it.

Generally losing friends because a server closes it the hardest thing for me.