[2]shield and 2[mantue]

Started by shadowkicker, Oct 21, 2007, 09:38 AM

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dus 2 thara frog card stock? or it will add the % for example 1 thara reduce  20% damage if you have 2 it will be 40%? is this correct? and like in mantue put two raydric is this ok or they will stock?

or can some1 help me what cards should i put if your server have [2]armor,shield,shoes,mantue,headgear. what are good card should i put if im going to a pvp build and im a LK and Paladin?


Thara frog cards stack indeed, for the rest read and test there are multiple guides about it here on these forums


the problem is i dont know what to type in the search button


For short range enemy use 2 thara, 2 deviling [No damage if they are neutral], 2 raydrics, 2 amon ra,
For long range enemy use 2 horns, 2 noxious, Alligator cards,
For magical enemy use 2 maya or a gtb..note unless the gtb is nerfed..leave it alone on a shield. 2 cat o ninetail, marc , gemini, medusa, detale....all those magic nerfing cards.


2 thara do they stock to each other? or the % will increase if i put 2 thara frog on my shield?