you guys know any good paly sac builds?

Started by agluestick, Sep 11, 2007, 09:35 PM

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im a 255 paladin max stat is 210 max aspd is 197 and mainly sacrifice u guys know any good ibuilds?


here's a little help for u, coz i'm not playing tat kind of high lvl server... i'm playing 99/70... a normal server... d most character i pro is paladin n is play sac oso... well... i'm not sure u knw o not... a very good advise tat is wear a taogunka card helps u a lot in sacrifice damage... n d weakness of sacrifice is d speed so try to put ur aspd til high enugh 2hit fastly... it is very good if ur aspd is max... maybe use doppel card o watever lar... n d rest of ur weapon u juz put TG....


dus TG increase the damage of your Sacrifice or MR?


how about STR? is it also increase your sacr or MR?


here's wat you do, since I use pallys as my main char, u max ur vitalliy, there is no need for str since sac isnt based on it, all u need is hp and aspd, 195 aspd will suffice, max outt vit, and use tao gunka crd, I reccomend also using a blade (4) with 4 turtle general crds attached, use somthing such as a martyr crd or better on your boots, and then boost hp as much as you can withou t sacrificing too much of nething else... then u will need an LK crd, this allows you 2 use frenzy, and triple your hp, (just so u kno ull have to sacrifice b4 zerking cause u cant cast sac after words, but in a nutshell, considering ur server lvl u should do atleas 50k per sac, and when u zerk tht'll triple, this is wiothout reductions by other players


how about thantanos card is this much better compared to turtle? and how about weapon dus the damage of MR affected by the atack of a weapon?


note, a TTHH card combo would be better for pvp than a TTTT carding.


Turtle Turtle Hydra Hydra


Dopel Dopel Hydra Hydra


Dopel Dopel Turtle Hydra


Dopel Dopel Thantanos Hydra?

this will be putted to +10Pike or Spear

which is better combo card for MR


max out vit just get enuf agi to get max aspeed get a little bit of str like 100sh and some dex.

Use a Pike with 2 hydra and 2 turt gen so that you can lock your opponent from 3 tiles and sinxes cant attack you.

Get a Tao gunka card and Martyr card + aliot card

and if you can do the sign quest do it. will add another 10% to your MR damage


what is sign quest? where can i find it?


chk on RMS for "The Sign" in accessories