Started by matthewlagrazon, Apr 25, 2011, 07:12 AM

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2 rangers
2 RG
1 AB
1 Sorcercer

no MVP cards..

how to kill ifrit and valkyrie?

we always die on earthquake skill :((


Stock up on neutral reductions and such stuff...everyone except rangers should wear alice cards, and don't devo the rangers...they should keep away from mobs and when EQ hits, jsut ress em. Sorcerer can do either damage or spam spell break, it works on valk EQ.


are there any way that will save us from that EQ?


I don't have any knowledge on 3rd Classes, but having an arch bishop at the back of the whole team casting redemptio will do.


Gene is right. As long as your party doesn't get wiped, die all you want. If I'm not mistaken you can't really reduce earth damage (proxy skin does that but that's it pretty much). Or maybe you could let a pally devo another pally who could devo the team. That way you got a 70k hp tank and if they pot it should be okay. Don't know if you can stack devos though.


More party member more chance to survive in EQ


whitesmith(s) with ice pick and highest managable cart term dmg with high atk speed, and a safety wall priest, plenty of white potions, it's super easy that way.