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Author Topic: WOE 2.0 QUESTION - ABOUT REPAIRING BARRICADES  (Read 5163 times)

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Offline aaastrokid

« on: Nov 06, 2010, 12:39 am »
First of all, I know how to repair the stone guardians. After all the barricades were destroyed, I can't click the Control Device 3 (the last barricades repair lever).  Take note, I did once click the control device last WoE and successfully repaired the last stone barricade, and idk why I can't click it now. Our woe 2.0 map is on schg_cas.

I'm the guild leader btw. I have all the requirements, Stones, Elu, Ori, Emvertarcon, Trunks, Steels. Lots of those. Our server has @changegm commands, idk if it has something to do with it but I don't @changegm during WoE times.

Need help ! :(