Why is it called Episode 20? ARE Gravity devs stoopid?

Started by LuffySab, Aug 26, 2023, 03:47 AM

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Ola friends

We in Midgard Tales have been working on Episode 20 every since kRO released it, and we released it yesterday in our server.
One thing that disturbs us isn't the LoRe itself, that follows Episode 19.1, which is totally fine, but problem is name of this epsiode.

WHY 20???? ¿Por qué? This whole content is follow up to Episode 19.1, it should be Episode 19.2 The Immortal!!!!!

Any Gravity insiders can explain why this is called Episode 20???


20 year anniversary, maybe?


According to the link above they have changed episode as a whole number a few times, especially at the beginning.. so it's not out of the norm to go from 19.1 to 20 in my opinion..

Nice ad for MT though  /heh
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