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When did you start playing Ragnarok Online?

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I know there were many of these topics about history over the years.  I won't bother looking for them and bump them.  So I'll start a new poll about this because I just realize RO has been over 10 years old /ok and I am curious to know how long have everyone been playing / knowing this game. 

For me, it was during the Christmas holiday of 2001.  I won't go into the detail of how I started.  I am pretty sure I posted the story a couple times in this forum already, if you want to know just check my old posts from 2006~2007 xD.

To give a time reference to others, the time I started (December 2001) was during iRO beta.  I am not sure if it was the first ever North America server beta but it was definitely not beta 2.  That beta I played from December 2001 lasted until the summer of 2002 then closed for 5~6 months or so until paid Beta started.  The paid beta with only the Chaos server lasted for 3~4 months.  In May/June 2003 free beta 2 started with new Loki server opened.  Sometime in July/August 2003 beta 2 goes to P2P.  That was about it then I was invited to my first pserver.   

Without taking up spaces with 12+ options I'll put the choices in 2 years intervals.  I have no idea if RO existed in 2000, i heard mixed answers over the year.  Maybe in Korea or Japan?  Let me know when we need a 2013-2014. 

This might very well get a sticky after I get some response/votes on the poll.  So start now.

Started RO in 2008, I think, by having friends on an anime forum going always chatting there about the game. Later I asked what the heck were they talking about and bam, RO I joined.

The first server I joined was a pserver without even knowing what was a pserver at that time lol

Chemical Crush:
I started playing RO in 2005.  I started on Sakray when a friend asked me to play the game with him, he was an online friend.  I was like, sure!  I played for a little bit on sakray then he stopped getting online so I switched to Loki, met a few good people and stayed on the officials for a good 2 or 3 years?  Then moved to pservers when all my friends quit playing iRO. 

Now I just stalk RMS / rA forums and I never play servers.  =/  No time.

Anti-Static Foam Cleaner:
I honestly don't remember, I played on iRO until my free trial ran out, then I forgot all about it, then I got back via 420chan which ran an ill-fated Spyderlake 3.0. Been on and off ever since.

I started when trans classes were fresh on the iRO server (2004/2005?). Played on and off there till the full renewal patch back in late 2010.
I really miss the old iRO days.

Pretty similar to Chemical Crush. School and Work take too much of my time to play any MMO.


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