Your saddest moment in RO?

Started by Yuzo, Mar 22, 2015, 01:06 AM

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Jack Kim

when the server stopped working was the most saddest moment for me. /sob


Owner of AquaRO, highrate 255/120 Frost semifarm server.

trailer of my server


When Origins RO upgraded to Rebirth T_T


I met some dude on a 3rd job server, only time i played it

He put up with all my s*** for like 2 weeks straight and played a tank lord knight

I went to farm alice but i killed over 3000+ on a highrate server and it never dropped

Probably removed but idk the server was s*** to begin with really

There was this ranger too who would probably in response say the saddest thing to happen to them is that I refused to give them my mana cause i didnt agree with the MvP system in renewal



When they announced that euRO would be closed.

Didnt transfer my account, and am happy I did not. Wouldnt have been the same.


When iRO banned all of Europe and then when fRO announced they got outbid by the russian hoster for the euRO rights...


When I had to block two of my long-term friends from RO a year ago. People do change!


Well, my new saddest moment is right now. Gravity filing actual lawsuits against private servers. Private servers closing down out of fear left and right, even those that have been going for 15 years.

Even though Gravity has law on their side, I still think they are wrong doing this. This has gotten far beyond copyright rules. The culture and accomplishments that were created through emulators and private servers greated something amazing. Hundreds of people working together over the span of almost 20 years, for free, to make a game they love even better. An environment where everyone can adjust an MMORPG to their liking and a competitive environment between server where every player could choose what kind of setting they prefer and just play there, exactly the way they love it.

This is a piece of art that in this form will probably never exist again. It's just not right to end it.

As someone who was involved in the emulator development for around 15 years, this saddens me deeply. I barely can sleep.

I really wish Gravity would have gone the opposite way. Legalize private servers and integrate them into their business model.


This is definitely a dark time for the RO private server community   /sob


iRO ip banned [Eu] an euRO close not much time after crazy... Lost many friend i use to play with.
Swordman lover


Quote from: SirVahn on Jan 18, 2024, 12:11 AMiRO ip banned [Eu] an euRO close not much time after crazy... Lost many friend i use to play with.

This was actually quite sad. I hated what eu did to this game and it's community. It's like they intentionally wanted to destroy it.