When did you start playing Ragnarok Online?

Started by yC, Mar 11, 2012, 10:52 PM

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When did you start playing Ragnarok Online?  Be it Official or Private.

2000 or before
2015 or after

Master Aqua

2004. I was bored during the summer so my friend told me to try it out. I couldn't download official so we played on a midrate.


2001, iirc. Though there were a handful of years in between servers where RO wasn't a part of my life, I've still been playing this game far too long.


2004 start of pRO! Glory Days of Ragnarok Online and I miss it so much.

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2009, semi new compared to a lot of people /heh


I started playing when it first came out in the early 2000s, but life got in the way and I wasn't able to play again until last December. So yes, I am VERY new to the scene.  /heh


2006, over at euphRO.
I started out with a gunslinger. in a 3x. without really researching.
My 56 str GS was OP.


Good to know many of you are like me that stick around for years on and off.

Added option for 2013-2014 so we don't leave out the real newbies  /no1



Still remember when me and my friend decided to meet up and I told her to meet at Prontera but I was stupidly looking for her at Geffen -_-


Started Playing on the Official Servers 10yrs ago  /ho
Time really has passed so fast.


Started around 2007-ish or 2008, I was a high school student then.
I actually found out the online game long before, but never really had the chance due to poor internet connection, as well as I never really savored playing alone; I play always with my friends, and by that time I found some friends to play with me, and that's about how I started.

I also started unconventionally in a populated private server and I actually had no idea how things worked.


a friend introduced me to ragnarok online winter of 2001-2002. i remember when beta 2 started. i played that for a few weeks before it got shut down. which i then moved over to blade mistress (ha. what a dumb mmo) when iro came back for free i started playing it, until the day it went p2p.

i saw an ad for a private server at this time, and did a random (Google?) search for ragnarok private servers. i found a list, and chose one at random

anyone remember Sturek RO? It started back in 2003 i believe... i think i started playing it in june or july. It was the original role playing server. Yes, it predated even AeonRO. (Actually i knew lambo, and remember when he said he was going to start his own server)

Good times. I miss the way ragnarok used to be. its not fun anymore. even the new ro2 isn't as fun as the original ragnarok online was.


Started playing Ragnarok around mid 2004.


Back in 2002 :) , remember that  when it came to thailand this year it wasn't a Thai Official Ragnarok but some English Ragnarok maybe Singapore or something :) untill now 2013 , its been a great time :) 11 years ragnarok


I think I started year 2000 or 2001 when our local RO Server launched.  /ok

I am amazed how the RO world have captured peoples attention. It's an addictive game. In my own honest opinion, RO 1 beats RO 2 in many many ways.
This world is very big and there are many, many challenges the world is grappling with.

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2004. ever since ragnarok started in india.  /pif /gg