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When did you start playing Ragnarok Online?

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I guess I started around 2007 where I played NamelessRO for like 15 minutes with my cousin (he introduced me to the game first). I hated it after getting lost on a Prontera field map surrounded by pink killer jellies, so I didn't continue playing with it until a year later XD. That's when I realized that there are other private servers that had rates better suited for my style, and I started joining smaller communities. For some reason (maybe due to lag and that it is easier to make friends on a smaller server), I always aim for newer servers, especially those with super high rates (and a few HRs).

I truly played the most during grade 11 to 12 (NOT A GOOD IDEA). After I got into university, I don't really play RO--I offer advice and help with script editing for the server I am with now XD. Same with making/editing websites and forums =D. I still have some link with RO, but not as strongly as before I guess. Yeah, I hang around on RO forums a lot ;D.

Though, it would be nice to play as a player again for a brief/some time (just want to play WoE again), and hence I'm interested in the servers-wide WoE if any is coming up soon...

I can't exactly remember when I started, but it was before Transcendent Classes sometime during the Yuno Episode.


I remember back then, I can kill MVPs with a naked knight, just by using Autocounter.  /wah


--- Quote from: Annihilate on Mar 13, 2012, 09:24 am ---2002-ish.

I remember back then, I can kill MVPs with a naked knight, just by using Autocounter.  /wah

--- End quote ---

lol I saw those, it just take forever.  I can't do that, it takes very good timing.  I could pot and kill Phreeoni and moonlight as a knight just not with counter.

Towards the end of 2007 on private servers. I didn't start playing on official servers until sometime last summer-fall.


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