When did you start playing Ragnarok Online?

Started by yC, Mar 11, 2012, 10:52 PM

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When did you start playing Ragnarok Online?  Be it Official or Private.

2000 or before
2015 or after


Around 2003-2004. I've played a lot of severs, stopped and played again. Met a lot of people and made a lot of friends. Quite an experience. :)


I startedplaying RO in late 2003, it has been more than 8 years on and off..  /pif
my first character was a swordman with a green spiky hair bacause it was cool back then  /heh

Creme Poofs

I started playing iRO back in 2004. But after about ten months I lost my job and couldn't afford it anymore. So private servers I went!


I believe I started playing 2002 or 2003. I used to play Counter Strike all day all night before going 24/7 to RO.


Bah, I think I started about 6 years ago on EtherealRO. I had almost joined sooner, on iRO, but I kind of failed at downloading/installing, so I gave up until one of my friends was like "PEACH~! JOIN THIS SERVER, IT'S SO AWESOME, YOU NEED TO PLAY IT WIFF ME." So I joined. Didn't realize there was a difference between their two rates, Discovery and Revenge, and accidentally logged onto Discovery looking for my friend. QQ;; He was on Revenge, derpy-peachy.

Been playing on and off since them, I haven't found a permanent server since leaving Essence yet. QQ I ROAM THE MID-RATES, LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT SERVER WITH ALL OF THE KAWAII HEADGEARS. <3


iRO Sakray on the early trials, played with friends in high school. Gooooood times.


started playing 2001 or 2002 i guess.. can't really remember.. i was an acolyte back then and i go to byalan to level, using carrots as pots.. LOL what a douche.. those were the days.. everyone was a noob back then..  /heh


Can't say I remember exactly but I'd like to say sometime around 2002~3ish. I just remember that the Trans classes had just come out.  /wah



I started in 2003-2004 I thinnk
my main server was AnthemRO lol I started there with a DANCER! took me forever to level up ... >__>'
I also remember how I used to click click click till death to attack a poring XD


I was talking with some stranger on gunbound chat and he told me about Ragnarok Online. Took the trial on IRO and went on random private servers after. this was around 2005-2006. /omg
AluzeRo 10/10/5/2 - A classic Ro experience with no customs!


Q___Q I miss the days I was a super super N00b ... now I am just a noob


I started playing around 2002-2003, my sister and her husband owned a computer shop in the Philippines. Back then, you needed those prepaid game cards to play Ragnarok, like, it took a certain amount of money for 100 minutes or something like that. Back then, I had never really gotten past level 10 because I was a seriously inexperienced player, I was about maybe... 8, at that time? I'm 17 now, so, yeah, 8. I now live in the States and ever since I moved, I started playing on private servers, my first one being aeRO, which was recommended by my brother. I didn't start playing on the official server until around 2006-2007.


I think I played around 2010-ish and then quit for a few months and then came back.


I think it was back in 2004~2005, probably 2005. I tried playing it sooner than that, but I totally derped on how to install it and I gave up until my friend dragged me on to Ethereal-Revenge. (I accidentally logged into Ethereal-Discovery, looool).

It was loads of fun, but that server messed me up on where monsters spawned and how to class change since they had custom spawn areas and you could go from Assassin to High Wizard, iirc. Still, loved that server to bits and I stayed til the day it closed. <3