[Non-Renewal] Necromancer Class?

Started by dreinor, Feb 04, 2017, 10:00 AM

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Looks like a very slightly and kind of poorly, this could be the video and not the sprite, edited Champion sprite with Dark Soul Strike and two Sorcerer skills. Sp pool seems far too small for a magic user. Nice concept but does not seem implemented to it's full potential.


the sprites are not refined yet.. it's hard to edit those pixels.. /sob also, the skills are not yet final..XD i don't know how to code custom skills, haha..


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The first video (as Mrew2 stated) only really shows Dark Soul Strike, and two sorcerer skills.  The second video had a different variety of skills, but it's hard to judge because I have no idea what these skills actually do. (aside from the skeleton summoning skills, which are self explanatory)

I also agree with Mrew2's comment on your SP pool shown in the first video.  You exhausted your SP after just a couple of spells, which isn't really ideal for what I assume is a spell casting class.

There's definitely some potential there, but it still needs more work.  Keep it up. :)



Needs more fixes though.

Keep it up /no1