What was your 1st char in ragnarok (what class)

Started by Adam Don, Sep 20, 2016, 05:31 PM

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Adam Don

Just starting this topic to know what was the first step in ragnarok as class.

I choose to be a priest, heard they are good helper.
Warp, resurrect,lex..
Was really fun.
Grinding from acolyte at glast heim..on 1x1x1x.
Happiness of converting from novice to acolyte
Acolyte to priest was something like I could sleep.
Missing those days.

Share your first class you played guys..

How was about you guys..
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My first class ever was highly thought through. I've taken pros and cons of all classes into consideration and figured out, that most suitable class for my first game play would be a novice.

Well, seriously, my first class was wizard, but my first advanced was High Priest.
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Me and my brothers all shared accounts so to our demise were we disappointed when we couldn't level together after trying it out on a LAN cafe or was it my cousin's house.

My first class was an Archer. I put my real name and put 'Archer' at the back. I forgotten what I wanted to be that, I just thought archers were cool I guess and the rest were history. I remember payon dungeon used to be the coolest place to level up. EVERYONE went there. My brothers, my cousin, EVERYONE. I would sit outside just to gain sp/hp and remembered silver arrows was such a pain to buy and living off decayed nails from zombie. I don't think I ever reached 100k zenny but I never cared. I became a hunter at level 63 or 64 I think and man was it an achievement. The task you get through when you have to find the npc at the forest and the OST background playing(Believe in Me was it?) on the Job quest was soo awesome and finally made it as a hunter! It was in an official server where you had to pay but I think it was free when I played it for awhile. The thing tho my built was so wack, I think I put a lot of STR and VIT. I used to refer to guidebooks(Dreamsky and Sakray official guide books) and sometimes puzzled why some items like (zeny knife) were unobtainable. Meeting an MVP was the coolest thing ever. I also remembered staying up late at night so my brother could level his mage, and that was a big thing because staying up at night was very frowned upon when you were little!

I remembered getting angry at a guild leader (Miyamoto Musashi) because he didn't talk to me. Little do I know he was 'botting'. That was the most OP acolyte I have ever met, I remember him getting JT'D in pvp and not dieng. Forgot the name of my first guild tho, and GM001 actually replied!
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A Swordman by the name of Fishfly. He was aspiring to be a Crusader but he was only able to get to level 54. He was last seen killing dokebis hoping for its card he can sell. In time he grew envious of Acolytes having it easy-mode so he switched to that class. That acolyte got tired of sitting so he took up a bow later and never looked back for a long time until he got introduced to private servers.


Another one of those "post your story" threads. Hmm, I guess I never told mine.

My first char was a swordman on official euRO server. I was one of the kiddies who came after the TV ad, along with two other guys. After novice ground I chose to spawn in Alberta. Went to poke lunatics and pupas and was immediately called a faggot by a random stranger. So that was my first online experience when I was 10 years old. As I met more and more strangers, I kept wondering what "hi ger?" meant. There was a german majority on euRO, so that's how many people would greet. At level 50 or so, I deleted my swordy because someone told me I got too much strength.. He was probably jealous that I was the only noob with a sane build.

Next char was an assassin. That's when it was time to become a guild leader. I even made a guild forum and was so proud for choosing the colors and copying the forum sections from another guild. We probably had around 5 members for a week or so. But it was a s*** guild run by a child so they all left. I was flaming them for it.

I kept playing for many years, went through 3 other guilds, and I would spend every summer holidays to bring one of my characters to 99 (non-reborn), while my mom paid a 10€ subscription fee every month. Highest I ever got was a 96 high priest from daily thanatos parties.

I don't miss it. So many awkward moments, cuz I was a child/teen playing with older guys. Could never go to any meetups. Too shy to talk in teamspeak. But that's basically how I grew up. My parents didn't restrict my playtime or internet habits, so I was the only kid in my class who was always on the computer. It wasn't so bad to grow up on the internet, since my school friends, though carefully selected, were still immature idiots. And I quickly learnt English this way. But grinding on 1x1x1 literally took up all my free time for years, with nothing to gain from it. f*** this game, lol.


Your story and mine are almost completly the same, maybe we're some kind of twinbrothers or something.
I started on the BETA 2003, but my first real server was EURO (european official)
I used to like the server and felt native because most of the people there were german speaking and Im born in germany. Only problem was, that I was a kid. I was 9 at that time. Not even ten, but f*** 9. I used to be a novice for quite a time until I realized that you can change jobs. LOL.
My first job was a swordsman.
Payon dungeon and XMAS dungeon were hell of places, it was always full of players.
It took me long to understand the game mechanics since I was too young. Good thing was that I learnt english as a young boy due to the fact that I spent time on the internet.
My first second class was Paladin. But my build sucked donkey, so I needed to delete him and make a swordsman again.
As time passed I understood more and more of the game mechanics. Before rebirth was implemented, I had all of the first&second jobs except for alchemist who are useless without AD anyway.
One thing that I learned  and one thing that I hate about Ro is, that RO's EXP system is totally broken. You need to invest so much time to reach 99lvl and even if you reach 99lvl you need to do it again because rebirth. Thats also of the many reason why many people bot on official servers because not everyone wants to put time in s*** lvling. If I knew to bot back then, I would have done it.
My highest caracters were a lord knight and a lvl 96 hunter.
I stopped playing EURO on 2007 or 2008 when I learnt about pservers from a friend of mine.
Playing more RO made me understand the game and become a expert on it.^^
My first pserver was EBILRO. After EbilROs death I tested more than 60 pservers up until now. The last good pserver was DivinityRO, after its death I never joined a pserver again.
I forgot to mention that I also played on official iRO in 2010, thanks to botting I managed to get some third jobs in less than 3 months. Until I was banned for botting. End of story. Now Im 21 and RO will be always part of my life.
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Years ago I started on the heRO server as a noob archer. I had never played on a really established server, so my RO knowledge was slim. Because of that, I hung around Payon Cave much longer than necessary! After being around a little while I learned of the glory of HILL WINDS! ~30 cards later on a 5/5/3 server ... 99... then sniper! wooo! By that time I learned about partying at Nameless and Thors- that really sped up the leveling!

Good times! And still around on the heRO server!
heRO is a fun and friendly server with 5/5/3 rates, many balanced customizations, and active GMs. Give it a try!

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My very first server was a high rate called Ethereal RO, I joined because a friend of mine told me about it and before then I'd never heard of RO. I played as a Wizard lol.


Swordsman was my first, anymore I learned to do Archer as first character.


The personality test gave me Acolyte, so I took Acolyte. Was the right choice. :-)


Quote from: Playtester on Dec 13, 2016, 03:36 PM
The personality test gave me Acolyte, so I took Acolyte. Was the right choice. :-)

A decade ago when I took that test, it gave me a thief - was the right choice
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My first server was Anima RO, way before they ever had the test, and I went mage and then sage. Was probably the worst sage ever, had no idea what I was doing, just ran around randomly casting spells, using 1337 speak, and flirtin' with them gaiz. The latter two were my primary roles. Sage was just my side job.

Second server I chose ninja, because I was a narutard, and this was back when they were the worst class ever. Was great. Thennn I made the right choice of making a thief. Been hooked on them ever since.


A decade ago I took the thief job change quest but I was too lazy to gather those mushrooms so I went to geffen to become a mage instead but my English comprehension that time was so poor so I've gave up... I ended up as a swordsman then a knight. When 2-2 classes were released, I immediately made a Crusader because it's fun, they said.
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My first server ever was XaosRO, and my first class was a swordsman. To be specific, it was a wannabe agility swordsman with a 2h spear and a ton of luck. The struggle was real. Hah!


My first char was a priest, with some str  /heh
Unsurprisingly, she got deleted. It was an emotional decision because it was a long grind from acolyte to priesthood. I was a noob surrounded by other noobs, in a noob guild, noone felt it unusual for a priest to sit so often.

Nowadays, I play archer class. They are cheap (lazy to grind, full time work, not much time to play etc etc), can be useful in parties, and on some more flexible servers/guilds they can be hybrid for both weak WoE and weak PvM  /heh


EtherealRO (3x3x2 i think)
Always liked archer classes so it was kinda the obvious choice.
Leveling until like lvl 72 in Payon cave 2 since I didnt know it any better but the SS card I found gave me my first 2m Zeny.
I still love hunters but it kinda got too mainstream/easy for farm and kill stuff but that could also be due to the experience with the game


For me, I started out as a clueless priest back on iRO Sakray.  After realising how bad I was at priest back then, I deleted it and became a bard instead, which then went on to become my main class for many years.



Demon Dan a ninja was my very first class on XenaRo back in 2005 or 2006. XenaRo was a awesome high rate back in those days. I had the fastest and strongest Kiel based Sinx on that server. I was banned cause of my cockyness and pure genius with PVP. (Naruko was my sinx name) Super Nostalgia. If anyone from XenaRo are still alive please contact me lol.


My first character in ragnarok was Knight and i cant forget that my char was a hybrid (Balanced Allstats)  /omg


Well, here I go.
Server name was HentaiRo... Don't get me wrong, a friend just told me about an awesome RPG game called "Ragnarok" a bunch of people were playing so I blind folded installed it. The first class I choose was a swordman because I wanted to be the tank of my party, I remember my build was tons of vit, str, and a bit dex and my job points were all scattered around, in top of that I was using an Axe as my main weapon just because they had greater attack power then swords.
In time when I reached crusader I leveled from level 67 to 85 in payon dungeon (with a flamberge this time) and my stats were around 50 points each... It was a terrible build but I didn't care I was having too much fun to be worrying about it.

Afterwards I met people that helped me and taught me a 99 agi spear quicken crusader build, I truly saw the light that day.
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