What was your 1st char in ragnarok (what class)

Started by Adam Don, Sep 20, 2016, 05:31 PM

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EtherealRO (3x3x2 i think)
Always liked archer classes so it was kinda the obvious choice.
Leveling until like lvl 72 in Payon cave 2 since I didnt know it any better but the SS card I found gave me my first 2m Zeny.
I still love hunters but it kinda got too mainstream/easy for farm and kill stuff but that could also be due to the experience with the game


For me, I started out as a clueless priest back on iRO Sakray.  After realising how bad I was at priest back then, I deleted it and became a bard instead, which then went on to become my main class for many years.



Demon Dan a ninja was my very first class on XenaRo back in 2005 or 2006. XenaRo was a awesome high rate back in those days. I had the fastest and strongest Kiel based Sinx on that server. I was banned cause of my cockyness and pure genius with PVP. (Naruko was my sinx name) Super Nostalgia. If anyone from XenaRo are still alive please contact me lol.


My first character in ragnarok was Knight and i cant forget that my char was a hybrid (Balanced Allstats)  /omg


Well, here I go.
Server name was HentaiRo... Don't get me wrong, a friend just told me about an awesome RPG game called "Ragnarok" a bunch of people were playing so I blind folded installed it. The first class I choose was a swordman because I wanted to be the tank of my party, I remember my build was tons of vit, str, and a bit dex and my job points were all scattered around, in top of that I was using an Axe as my main weapon just because they had greater attack power then swords.
In time when I reached crusader I leveled from level 67 to 85 in payon dungeon (with a flamberge this time) and my stats were around 50 points each... It was a terrible build but I didn't care I was having too much fun to be worrying about it.

Afterwards I met people that helped me and taught me a 99 agi spear quicken crusader build, I truly saw the light that day.
See you, space cowboy!